Old Business

I’ve been out of commission for a few days. So I thought I’d catch up with everything. As I’m now taking a break from school for a month, I have time this morning.

Let’s go back in time to the get together. I swear, every ex-pat blogger I meet seems to be intelligent, friendly and has a great sense of humor. J and I were talking about this standing in line for our tickets to Rent. Never met a blogger we didn’t like. Maybe its only because the icky ones stay away. I’d like to meet an icky blogger, so as long as you’re not a serial killer. Meet up with us one time so we can say, “No, its not that all blogger are great, its just this select group of bloggers that are great.” You know, it’s nice to be a unique and special snowflake.

Markus told Hamish he seemed smaller than his pictures and wanted to know if he had lost weight. He told Calvin he was well fed. He meant well nourished as in Calvin obviously had enough milk and vitamins growing up because he’s tall. Well, it could have been really uncomfortable if Calvin and Hamish hadn’t seen the humor. Nice. That’s my guy. Making friends all over town.

I did show them all the places serial killers are likely to hang out in my immediate living area. There are lots. Better informed than not as I always say. I hope none of them are killers. If they are, I’m totally f’d. They’ll cut me for sure. Especially after I suggested that I was the slow gazelle in the herd.

For all the single female expats, these new boys are gorgeous, well dressed and have a fantastic sense of humor. Calvin looked like he stepped out of a Banana Republic store in SF and I have no idea where Hamish shops, but he should continue. Calvin has a girlfriend. Hamish didn’t say either way, but he has the most intense eyes. If I were a single girl, I might swoon.

Calvin does something for employment that I am not allowed to reveal to the online community, but I have to say, his job fascinates the poop out of me. Most likely to start a conversation type of job that will never benefit the asker kind of job. He’s not a Dr., lawyer, Indian chief. He’s a scientist.

J is/was wonderful, charming and thoughtful as always. I wish he lived closer. I never have enough time to talk to him. We’re always on the move. Rent was great. The English Theater is fabu. Next year we’re getting season tickets. We are setting up a date to see The Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. If anyone else wants to attend with us, let J or me know and we’ll work the dates so we can all go.

In Rent, something happens to a main character that I was not informed of in advance which resulted in tears. I need to know these things, people. I like to be prepared. Mim told me she specifically did not tell me about it so I’d cry. Nice. Making her sister cry from 6000 miles away.

New subject.

For the ladies out there:

I have discovered a really great girl doctor and hospital in the area. If anyone lives in the Darmstadt/Frankfurt area and needs a referral, Dr. Sigrid Greiner is the best OB/Gyn, hands down, that I have ever seen. I thank the stars I found her. If not for Dr. Greiner, I would not have been able to choose whether or not I want to have kids. She saved my uterus and quite possible more. And, here’s something I don’t say often. She is much better than my old, regular Ob/Gyn in the states.

She is worth the drive if you live further away. She works with a surgeon named Dr. Jens Zimmerman who is also fabulous. If you have a problem or don’t like your current Dr., she is the one to go to. She speaks both German and English, but her staff speaks only German. However, Dr. Greiner is worth it.


8 thoughts on “Old Business

  1. Wow, more fabulous bloggers? How much can we stand? Our brains will probably explode at the next meet-up. Glad you guys all had a good time.

    And I am REALLY happy that you found a good doctor. It’s so important to have someone you trust if you have any kind of issues going on.

  2. I’d have to agree that the bloggers I’ve met so far rule. Jen is way funnier in person than in her blog, and her blog is pretty funny. Although, Markus’s live reenactment of the post-it note video was a little uncomfortable (kidding).

    Glad you found a good doctor as well.

    P.S. More information for the ladies out there: I’m recently single.

  3. You’re right, we never seem to run out of things to talk about. I’m looking forward to more of our discussions about this and that.

  4. Oh, and I also didn’t tell you about what happenes to one of the main characters for the same reason as Mim. I guess we’re both evil 🙂

  5. Wow, you have me pegged. I really do shop only at banana republic. I have their frequent shopper card and everything.

    I was really happy to meet you all as well. You and Sparky together are so sweet. Not sickeningly sweet at all. And yeah, Jen is hilarious.

  6. Jen, you would cry no matter what i couldn’t have helped that i just did’nt want to spoil a major turning point in the plt for you and marcus, block the movie spoiler website from jen’s computer please. She souldn’t be able to ruin ever movie for herself

  7. C: yes, more cool bloggers. Our brains can barely take the pressure.

    yea, it is so nice to be able to trust a doctor. it really allowed me to relax during a scary time.

    Hamish: Sparky is an exhibitionist. don’t ask, dare or suggest nakedness or uncomfortable will be the best you can hope for.

    Recently single. this means you had a girlfriend so you are boyfriend material an not just a lothario. good to know. I wish i knew more single women here. you’d clean up in SF.

    J: we don’t. I’m always sorry to see you go. And not telling me about that part was mean. its a good thing my hormones were a bit more balanced or i might have started balling rather than politely and quietly weeping. be forewarned.

    Calvin: I used to live and work in SF. I know BR when i see it.

    Mim: http://www.themoviespoiler.com is the only reason i even watch movies anymore. Maybe i should let jeff know about it so he can tell the difference between Ultra Violet and Aquamarine.

  8. You interest me, I am glad to wish you happiness!

    Peace and Love.

    Dominic Ebacher

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