Spring needs to Sprung already, I’m accessorized.

In anticipation of spring, I bought a new handbag. It was the only one both sparky and I could agree on and as he carries may handbag a lot, he felt he should have a vote.

Its this one,
but in green like that one. Or just go here Its cute and looks fabulous on my arm. .

For a second, I felt like a city girl again. If I could only find a good manicurist I would be in heaven.

I’m taking a trip this weekend. My first solo trip on the train. I’m kinda scared. I have no idea how I’m supposed to find my assigned seat on wagon 2. I feel like an idiot, but since sparky is not accompanying me, I’d like to know how to do everything before I’m confronted with it. Know what I mean? Well, we’ll see if I make it back or if DB pushes me to jump.

I have heard rumor of a Hello Kitty store at my destination. What better to go with a new handbag than a hello kitty wallet? I can think of nothing.


4 thoughts on “Spring needs to Sprung already, I’m accessorized.

  1. thanks, TO. The green just keeps getting better. Its that once in a long while handbag that just makes you feel great to have it on your arm. Know what I mean?

    J: yes, I did it. and i’m still alive to tell about it. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was quite nice. I might actually do it again. it was way easier than driving and the cost is around the same for one person.
    I’m still not getting on a bike. 🙂

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