Girl Talk

Its Back!!!! Blogger, those scat fetishists, is still messing around with HeisseScheisse, but for the most part its back up.

Happy weekend.

I took a solo trip up to Hannover this weekend. For those expat women out there, I got to spend the day sitting on my ass, drinking coffee and chatting up a storm with a girlfriend. If you’re like me, its been ages, AGES since you had a face to face conversation with a woman you can connect with. And it was fantastic. As J says, we talked our lips off.

So, needless to say, I had a fabu time with Mausi on Saturday.

I was scared about taking the train by myself. I feel like such a baby, but my German is functional at best. I’ve never taken the train in Germany before, well once to Oktoberfest, but Sparky navigated. I had no idea how to find my wagen, platz etc… If there had been a jumper or a canceled train, I might have been in a bit of trouble. I also like to know what the routine is, you know, before I stand at the end of the checkout counter waiting for my groceries to be bagged by non-existent baggers, if you catch my drift. I just wanted to know what to do and how to do it.

Sparky walked me through it in the morning and Mausi made sure I got on correctly in the evening. I felt very protected. It was really nice.

Let me tell you, Boweltown in freekin’ cold. Hannover? Colder. I’m not going to complain anymore.

Christina took me to a fabu coffee house with great lattes. We stayed there until we got hungry. Then we went to an American bar and grill. I know, shitty American, looking for a bit of home in central Europe, but whatever. I had the best California burger I’ve had since Barney’s on College Ave in Oaktown. It was so good I wanted to bring one home to Sparky. I didn’t, but I thought about it.

The train ride was totally uneventful except for the part where my skirt rode up and I flashed everyone for half the trip. “Everyone” was one particular man who made a point of walking up and down the aisle by my seat until I was uncomfortable enough to make sure my pea coat was covering my lap and legs. It wasn’t.

I don’t know why I have such problems keeping my skirt down. I swear, I have flashed half the world by now.

Anyway, I didn’t take any pictures because I needed new batteries and frankly, we were talking so much I totally forgot about it.

So, I’ve made a decision. I want to coordinate a girls’ weekend. Anyone interested?


22 thoughts on “Girl Talk

  1. Very cool. I’m sure Christina will have something to say by the time I wake up tomorrow about your meet up. And Lisa in Aachen is going crazy wondering what happened to you….

    Ah that is so so fun. I’ve only taken a few German trains. In switzerland there are very few reserved trains, mostly the Swiss Alpina and besides that it’s anyones chance on where to sit. I liked that a ton because I was so used to the trains. I knew I had to find my seat in Germany which you just look for your car and then the seat number, not all that bad…

    Glad you got back in one piece. 🙂

  2. Sounds fun!

    And I am SO in for a girls weekend! I’ve actually been recently complaining and feeling all heartsick about missing the girls back home. E’s great and all, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta hang with the girls.

  3. Awww, I didn’t read this until I had written mine but I didn’t post until this morning. You already know what a good time I had.

    From now on, taking the train will be a breeze!

  4. I’m bursting to take another train trip, actually. It was so easy. Add a book and an MP3 player and its a breeze.

    So, when do we want a meetup and where? I’d love to host it in Darmstadt. We could hang out at my pad, but its a bit far for those northerner’s.

    Any Ideas?

  5. I love travelling by train when they’re on time.

    Girl talk? No thanks 😛

    However, I might borrow your hubby for some cycling that day if the weather is good.

  6. I have yet to see sparky’s ass on a bike, but it would be a nice view, for sure.

    However, you can borrow him anytime you want.

    I had such a good experience, i can’t imagine DB being late.

  7. Sounds like you had a good time in Hannover. Glad your blog is back online. I was wondering what was happening 🙂

  8. Girls weekend? Doing girlie stuff? Ooo…I want to do that!

    I’m so tickled you and Christina got to hang out! Even more tickled you could do the train by yourself. It’s not so bad, is it?

  9. Girls weekend – I have forgotten what those are like. Do you think German girls have different types of weekends as American girls??

  10. I have no idea what german girls do Claire. My intial snarky response is that german women aren’t as close as American women so how could they have a girls weekend. but i’m just over reacting I’m sure.

    So, let’s schedule this puppy. What about Mid May? That should give people enough time to pencil it in.

    Nuala- does that give you enough time to purchase plane tickets?

  11. Okay, if I’m gonna borrow Sparky, I have some say in this too 😛

    The weekend of 13 May doesn’t work for me, as that’s when I’m having my 40th bday get-together (you’re all invited). The three weekends after I might be interlocuting Cambridge exams on Saturdays, so it’d have to be a Sunday. My Calendar is available on my blog under the ‘Links’ part (some of the things on it can be changed.

    Right, I’ll shut up now 🙂

  12. Jen, I actually don’t think that you are too far off with German women not being as close as American women. I sometimes wish that I was closer to my sister-in-law and we could do girl’s weekend, but it would be way too wierd.
    I am going to Poland on the weekend of the 13th but free the weekend of the 20th. But I am not sure if the 20th is then “mid-May.” hmm . . .

  13. J: You can have sparky whenever and It’s a weekend, so we have both days.

    May 20/21st. How does this sound so far? We’ve got Stringbean and Claire. Do i hear a Mausi, dixie, lisa, belinda, kim, megan, eurotrippen (why don’t i have your real name? did i just loose it or are you a SPY?) Any other takers? Come one and come all.

    Also, can i have it here in Darmstadt? I’ll make sure to have all the movies, champagne and hershey’s kisses we can eat. No diets.

    We have a great little cafe house, not as good as Mausi’s, but decent. and I have a big loft that will be void of all males save for a cat.

    Oh, I have cats and one is really bad for people with allergies. this might be a good reason to have it elewhere if you guys have allergies.

    what do you think?

  14. Haddock: you got lost in there amongst the girls. a nice place ot be for sure. I had such a good tim, i can’t even tell you. ANd blogger bites. I’m really tempted to just use my domain name and do some wordpad or type pad thingie, but i don’t really know how to do it so probably not.

    And Annette: How is mid-may for you?

  15. May 20/21 sounds great. I have never been to Darmstadt. What is there to do there? How are the train connections? Wait . . . isn’t this what we have the internet for?

  16. Claire: I’ll email with directions. Darmstadt is the birth place of Jungenstil. We have a very nice park we can walk around and look at or we can just sit all day and talk our lips off. whatever the majority wants to do.

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