Yes, Virgina, there really is a Sun.

Today is gorgeous. It’s a non-complainy, thank-god-the-sun-is-out, Germany-might-not-be-so-bad kind of day.

I had a breakfast date, worked out, burned over 1000 calories, went grocery shopping, dropped off dry cleaning and picked up prescriptions. I waved to my neighbors and talked with the pharmacist for a while.

I actually know people in this little village. And people were friendly. German people. The lady at the checkout counter actually smiled and asked if I found everything okay. When I responded in German, she switched to English, smile still intact, and asked why I would leave wonderful America for Deutschland. I think people are in such good spirits that no one can hold it in. All these anal retentive Deutschers are just glowing with the first sign of sun in decades.

It was so warm I opened all the car windows to feel the fresh air. The crocus’ are in bloom and the sun is shining. Yes, I know, hard to believe, sun in Germany, but I swear its true. It’s so warm; I could see bare legs and sandals in the near future. And it was 4° C.

So what does this mean? Has my blood thinned with the extreme cold of the last few months? Have I been so sun deprived that I’ll take even the smallest bit of sunshine and eat it up like a hungry orphan? Yes, as a matter of fact. I’m learning to be sun greedy.

I almost went for a joy ride in the convertible, but I didn’t want to jinx anything. As both cars are working right now, one must be very careful not to attract the attention of Mechanikus, the god of automobile repair. He’s good friends with Asphalta, the goddess of road trips. Add a conversation with Ironus, the god of irony, and my joyride could end in disaster. Markus is away for a while on business and I really don’t want to deal with car trouble while he’s gone.

So lets here it for spring.

I found a great coffee house really close to my house. This makes me extremely happy as I cannot make a decent cup of coffee to save my life. Recently I’ve started to up my consumption and finding this place will do wonders for my energy levels. Not to mention lightening the old wallet. Thank god there’s not a Starbucks around here or I’d have to get a job to pay for it. Stripping just doesn’t pay like it used to. Damn economy…

Go to Mausi’s blog and look at her flowers and have a good day.


7 thoughts on “Yes, Virgina, there really is a Sun.

  1. It’s like that here too – the minute the sun comes out everybody starts sitting outside of cafes even though it’s 5 degrees out. They just want the sun. We had it Sunday and part of Monday and cafes had tables outside. Now we’re back to blah for awhile.

  2. Yes! The sun! He’s here! It’s 41 degrees in Aachen and feels like bikini weather. And keeping with the spirit of things I notice your goat-let has lost his hat. Smart choice for a mascot. Goats are so cutting edge and always in season. 😉

  3. We made it up to 6° today. Whooo! I went outside for 5 minutes too but then decided inside was better.

  4. Clarity: Thanks. It makes for some interesting google searches, let me tell you.

    SM: Yeah, it snowed here yesterday. Me and my big mouth. today it was nice, but still freaking cold. I just want my feet to be warm. but not in that mid-summer humid so your toes sweat warm, know what i mean?

    Now that I think of it, and I swear this is the first time I’ve EVER thought of it, San Francisco has great weather. Huh…

    Lisa: Yes, Gilbert, My escape goat has made the change. He really wants to wear a bikini too, but he’s so pale right now. He’s a little worried about looking like a German on the Riviera, if you know what I mean. All pasty white then lobster red in a little speedo.

    Christina: I saw the sun too, then I pulled the drapes and hit rewind. It was interefering with Charmed.

    I swear, tomorow, I’m going out into the real world again.

  5. James: They always bump into people. and they always stand in the middle of the aisle in a grocey store. I swear, and I’m ranting again, I’ve told Markus that i think germans are like the Dodo bird. they just do not pay attention to things and I’m surprised they haven’t killed themselves off yet.

    man, I was so proud to go days without making a germans/those people comment. Set the counter back to zero days.

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