The Power of Three Will Set You Free if by free you mean not getting dressed and eating ice cream all day.

No time to blog.

Watching Charmed, Fourth season. Not as good as third. Rose McGowan sucks and I hate her lips. Shannen rocked, but now she’s dead – in the series. Sad.

Is ice cream for breakfast really a bad way to start your day? Because I’m thinking its way better than that sausage and brötchen thing.

Jeff/Mim: It’s all about the power of three. THE POWER OF THREE!!!


7 thoughts on “The Power of Three Will Set You Free if by free you mean not getting dressed and eating ice cream all day.

  1. I looooved Prue as well. Since there was this….Paige character I watched the series only half-hearted! eventually i gave it up! I also didn’t like cole!

    ice-cream for breakfast? mhm..i think that’s alright! Still, i prefer cold pizza! *jummy*

  2. Yeah, but being a bitch is what was needed. and now Paige is just this little suckling. oh poor me, cole is evil and no one believes me. wahhhhh

    Prue kicks ass.

    Shannen had some nice boobies. Not to mention it must have been real cold on the set.

    It’s a fun drinking game for charmed. Drink when you see nipplage.

    Mr. Fab: I am engraving your words into my freezer door. thank you.

  3. nat girl: Pizzs is always a good choice, but as i’m in germany, i can’t find a decent pizza to save my life. I need a chicken garlic roundtable or Rocco’s pizza.

    Seriously, Paige is a real downer. and I don’t like Cole all evil. I like him when he’s only sort of evil and his good side wins out.

    Right now he’s just tricked Phoebe into a dark wedding and trying to impregnat her with his “dark seed”. Ehh, not so interesting. In fact, i wouldn’t even mind if that f’d up demon of fear came back right about now.

    Have you noticed he’s the only demon to re-occur? How, why?

    Yeah, i know, too much time too little going on…

  4. Oh I have strong opinions about Charmed. I am definitly a pre-season 4 person. Sometimes I have the urge to shake the scheisse out of Paige and tell her to get a life. Pro7 is showing reruns starting from the beginning weekdays at 4:00pm . . . it is sad that I know that.

    Ice cream is always okay. I used to have it for dinner when I was single. Now I do that on nights when the German is a soccer practice.

    My girlfriends and I used to debate . . . which “witch power” would you want. I want to freeze stuff.

  5. Ice cream is ALWAYS good. I have to keep it out of the house or I find myself in the kitchen late at night, standing at the counter eating it straight from the carton.

    You’ve hit on another of my secret vices–“Charmed”. In recent years I have not been able to keep up with it because it’s shown here at 8PM on Sundays and I’m always dealing with the kinder at that time.

    I’m not much for Paige either–she’s a bit too cutesy for my taste. And has anyone has made a list of how many colors and styles Alyssa Milano’s hair has been since the series started?

    By the way, there’s a very nice web site for the show at

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