Great Things About Germany #3**

At any given time, in any given part of this country, if you flip radio stations you will find one of these songs playing. Guaranteed.

1. The Final Countdown – Europe
2. Down Under – Men At Work
3. Africa – Toto

** I don’t have a great thing #1 or #2, but I’m sure they exist.


6 thoughts on “Great Things About Germany #3**

  1. So true!!! But is it wrong to love that Men at Work song?

    The radio station I listen to actually played Captain and Tenille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” the other day. Scary. 😮

    Great things #1 and #2 will reveal themselves in their own time. Maybe. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard the Lionel Richie song “hello” more times in the past five weeks than should be legally allowed. Is this REALLY what they think we listen to in the states??

  3. I was driving home from Oldenburg yesterday and Down Under came on the radio. I thought of your post and smiled.

  4. ET: I don’t think they care what the US listens to, they just can’t get enough of the Penny Dancer.

    Sometimes i think I’m back in my dad’s dark red Oldsmobile of my youth. My dad’s driving and I’m in the front seat, sans seatbelt. (do you remember when seatbelts were accessories) I can almost feel the velvet seats and the cold A/C on my shorts clad legs. My dad always sang with Lionel. I used to think he was singing to me.

    German playlists seem to be stuck in a time loop.

    Claire: See. Guaranteed!

  5. Well, Americans believe we are listen to David Haselhoff…so some Germans might think the States listen to Lionel Richie. But maybe the radio DJ just like that song (or they are getting paid enough from the record label to play it).

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