Diamonds, Boobs, Truman and Clive – What else could a girl want?

Yesterday was Cinema Sunday. Very nice, very nice indeed. However, I am so over the Australian brunch thing. Next weekend, we have to find a different brunch place.

We met up with J and Cookie. Cookie is known as “B” on J’s blog, but her nickname is Cookie and Cookie fits her to a T. So, even though she hates it, Cookie it is.

So, not only was it Cinema Sunday, it was Verkaufsoffener Sonntag in Frankfurt. Yes, you heard me. Most of the shops were open. My fingers were itching to sign a credit card receipt. Sadly, Tiffany and Co. was closed. Sparky wasn’t so sad. I pressed my face to the bulletproof glass and saw many sparklies. I even knocked and asked them to open up, but no one was home. I made due with a Starbucks coffee.

One the way back we passed this mannequin.

Now, the thing that struck me was that this lady has the most perfect boobs. Please note she’s not even wearing a bra! How does one get heft and perk without a bra?? We walked by this store multiple times and I just could not stop staring. Seriously, I know she’s plastic, but I think it’s a small price to pay to have those sweater kittens. I tried to imagine a world where those were mine and let me tell you It. Is. A. Great. Place.

On a less envious note, Capote and The Inside Man were great. Capote was fabulous and can’t imagine that Phillip Seymour Hoffman could have NOT gotten an Oscar. He was great. Inside Man – great heist flick. I am always up for a good heist.

I’m starting to get over Denzel. He’s starting to become a Hugh Grant where every character he plays is actually the same character on a different day. When was the last time he played something other than a cop or do-gooder? Man on Fire was fabu, but everything else lacks that sparkle. I can see the actor behind his characters and I don’t like my actors that way. Give me a real good illusion. Lie to me, I like it. That’s why I pay the big money, right?

On a sour note, the Turm has replaced their candy supplier. What does this mean in the great scope of Cinema Sunday? NO Swedish Fish. It’s really the only reason to go to the Turm other than current movies in English. I suppose its just another disappointment on the long road of life.

If only I could find a Swedish fish provider on my own, I could go to the movies and eat my fish too. With luck and strategy like that I could rule the world. AAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH.

I have to go work out now.


13 thoughts on “Diamonds, Boobs, Truman and Clive – What else could a girl want?

  1. Have you noticed a lot of the mannequins in Germany don’t have heads? Or if they do, they are the weird, ghoulish kind? But I guess with a rack like that, who needs a head.

    I hear you on Denzel. The whole playing the same character in every role works for some people though – case in point, Jeremy Piven.

  2. Um . . . who would wear something like that? WHERE would you wear something like that?? Would my boobs look that good in it? Too many questions for a Monday morning.

    We saw Capote too!! We saw it in German. Did you get to see it in English? I thought it was very good. I went home and started to re-read In Cold Blood. The German thought the hanging scene and the killing of the Clutters was over the top. It bothered him and he said he did not think that the graphic violence was necessary. I asked him if the movie would have moved him even without those two scenes.

  3. actually Denzel was good in Training day. I found that to be completely different than the roles he’s been in.

    But damn he’s still a hot man…..*sigh*

  4. On that mannequin the style is vaguely reminiscent of Geri Ryan in her StarTrek Voyager get-up. But the color scheme just screams 1970’s.

  5. Hamish – they don’t have heads because germans are nothign if not frugal. Why pay for a head, when all you need is the rack. Also, do you see man mannequin’s arms. As detailed as her boobs.

    Claire – It was a rock climbing store, so I am assuming you’d wear that rock climbing. If you get into a jam and need an extra edge, you can carve the rock with your nipples. Seems practical to me.

    We saw it in english. What PSH can do with his voice and body is amazing. I’ve never read In Cold Blood, but its now on my list. I wasn’t horrified by the gore, especially the hanging scene. I think it made a specific point about capital punishment.

    Belinda: Oh yes, Denzel has been on my top 10 list for a while, but as he gets older he just seems like more of an asshole and that is only sexy with certain people, you know. In training Day he was fabulous, but it was a similar character to that one Florida Keys-cop-missing money flick. I can’t remember the title.

    Mike: Now that you mention it. No wonder i liked it so much Seven of Nine was a good reason to watch that show. Not that it was as good as ST:TNG. I had the hots for #1.
    and as for the color? Where do we live? Haven’t you gotten used to this yet?

    James: So, are you watching films auf deutsch yet? It was good. I liked Jodie Foster and Clive Owen can father my babies any time.

  6. J: I walked my ass off today, thank you. Well, unfortunately my ass is still very much there, but i did 6 km today.

  7. and J, my ass has seen/done a lot in its life time. However, a bike seat is not in its immediate future.

  8. I think it’s incredible that the mannequin has ribs. The tits are amazing since theyre sort of real looking. I havent seen any american mannequins with such a slope. Or nipples.

    Denzel is always the same. But there’s some comfort in that. BUt I agree, training day was great.

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