Pet Peeve #245786

When an Avril Lavigne song can accurately reflect your current emotional state. And you’re 33.


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #245786

  1. I’m not telling. However, I am now on to Madonna. I feel much better.

    See, what bother’s me the most is that little pissant Avril never suffered for her fame. She just sent in a tape or something and was discovered as a shitty 16 yr old. I hate that.

  2. Oh yeah, Avril Lavine gets me every time too. Great to cry along in the shower with, huh?

    Madonna could probably wear that climbing outfit…

  3. Christina: Except I was at the gym. Not such a good place.

    That outfit is a bit conservativ for our madge these days. Its all about the leotards for her now. and with her super muscles, there is a bit of that tranny look.

    ET: I PROMISE. It is so not Sk8er Boi.

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