Feed Me.

I need a real burger. One like I had in Hannover, but I can’t actually go to Hannover, so I need one here in the Boweltown area.

I looked it up on Google and surprisingly found J’s write up about my cheeseburgers.

Well, I don’t want to make it. I want to eat it. I have a weird thing going on with my sense of smell right now so the idea of actually making it, makes me a little sick.

Anyone know of a good burger place in the Rhine/Main area. The good thing about having a car is that I can drive far and wide for a burger.


13 thoughts on “Feed Me.

  1. Holy monkeys, I could use a cheeseburger myself. A naughty, nasty bacon cheeseburger.

    Let’s get in our cars and meet halfway and track ’em down. We’ll be like cheeseburger warriors.

  2. There’s a Burger King in Furth. I myself will be running over to Dairy Queen hhmmm well maybe Sonic lol

  3. Sorry, don’t know of one in Germany, but let me know if you ever go to Thailand. I know a great place in Chiang Mai.

  4. Yes, yes, yes!! I get the same craving sometimes. Big, thick burger with a slice of cheese. Mmm. And maybe a chocolate milk shake. It is difficult. I have found a place in Bremen. It is an actual diner. I think that might be a little far for you, though.

  5. How far from Boweltown are you willing to roam? There’s an American-style diner in Kaiserslautern that has a decent burger.

  6. huh… I can visit a certain someone I have just gotten to know AND get a burger. Road trip it is. Kaiserslautern is only 100km and totally worth the drive for a good burger.

    Details, puhleeze.

  7. It’s a chain, but it’s pretty good … here’s the link to their website.


    Mainzer Strasse 119 is the B40 … when you come off the A6 at Kaiserslautern-Ost heading into K-town the diner is on the right side perhaps a half-kilometer south of the A6.

  8. Hmm, if a visit to K-town is in the works, how about the all-American Chili’s at Ramstein AfB?

    I’m game!

  9. Mike b: Thanks.

    Spaghetti: A Chili’s in Germany? Those fly boys get all the good stuff. You got yourself a date, lady. I am so there. I’ll e-mail you.

  10. I’ve heard that some of the bases have Taco Bell also. We should find a military person who’s willing to sign us on for a day and spend the day gorging ourselves silly.

  11. They have a Taco Bell on the base in Wiesbaden! There is a good burger place near Essen called the Roadstop.

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