The Abyss – conquered *Guest Post by Sparky*

I am proud to report that I did it.

Not only did I bravely face the accumulated waste of months of my own uncontrolled “clean-ups” – I also defended my wife successfully from the plethora of spiders, Nazi Ghosts and serial killers that populate this general area. I almost got a good photo of the open-marmelade-glass-at-hotel-buffets-poisoner, but I missed him by an inch.

But back to my own problem with the waste’n’things:
There were just too many items there at once, without a logical order of what to grab first and which item to move where. It was everything I did not want to see for the last year. My eyes glazed over. It was like Ikea, minus the hot dogs.

However, without further ado: I have to say I’m done.

Here are the pictures before and after. I expect a round of applause.


9 thoughts on “The Abyss – conquered *Guest Post by Sparky*

  1. *applause* 🙂

    Now we know the Wrath of the Wife holds greater sway than the Fear of the Pile. I must try this out on G. Well done.

  2. Thankz, me homeyz.
    I ‘preciate y’all coomentz :).

    However, I will not come by YOUR basements and clean. I would need a wife to slap me upside the head when I lose concentration to accomplish such tasks :).

    – sparky

  3. Actually, our whole house looks like the “before” picture, and I don’t think any amount of slapping upside the head is going to help.

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