Day Tripping: Würzburg

Don’t ask me why, but Sparky and I are kinda addicted to “Let’s Dance!”.

We were in Würzburg yesterday. The drive was pretty and we only had time to see the Residence before it started raining. The Residence and Hofkirche were impressive indeed. The gardens were awesome. I pretended I was a bored princess walking with my manservant. It was fun. I like menservants. And gardens with hedge alleys. I think I could definitely be a bored princess with a manservant in the garden.

Sorry, I got lost for a moment. Last week, we ended up watching this “Let’s Dance” thing in our hotel room in Trier. It was fun and the Swiss guy is really mean. Like I need another reason to hate the Swiss, right? Anyway, we got really involved. Involved enough that when I suggested we see a movie on our way home from Bavaria, Sparky declined because of the TV programming. I thought he meant Monk as we recently purchased the third season on DVD. Nope, he meant “Let’s Dance!”

After nearly killing us to get home in time, he and I spent the next hour and a half cheering and booing the judges. And Jürgen is so way more better than that arrogant Sandy from No Angels. And Wayne is so bonking Isabel – and with Yvonne “FAS Baby” Catterfeld looking on from the audience! For shame, Wayne. For shame! And if poor Heide doesn’t get voted off next week, I think I’ll just die because she cannot dance to save her life and looks like she just wants to crawl in a corner and really, if you can’t jerk your head around, don’t try the tango.

I don’t even like ballroom dancing, but man, I can’t stop watching. And to top off this lowbrow orgy, Upps – Die Superpannenshow, Germany’s equivalent to AFV, is on after. I can’t get enough of that shit. Give me crazy animals and dancing people falling off tables any day.


6 thoughts on “Day Tripping: Würzburg

  1. Ok – but to be honest – this show is just a fak to that what I invented years ago… Yop, you know what I mean: The order to dance: TANNZZZ!!! You don’t need no shows – just keep this special german word in mind, your legs will move automatically. It’s much better and much more real than any of these novice’s shows.

  2. I can never get my German to watch this!! When he walks in the room and sees what I am watching, he just walks out!

    I did the same thing when I visited the Residence in Wuerzburg and also castle Schoenbrunnen in Vienna. I always walk around and pretend I am breaking the hearts of all the men at court. LOL! It would make a really good Danielle Steal novel.

  3. don’t be mean to heide! i like to see her dance! i don’t think she’ll get voted off next week cause we have slow dances and…well…she can’t do much wrong there, can she? *lol*

    i also hate stupid sandy!!!i didn’t like her back at no anlges which is no surpirse cause i didn’t like them all, but still, i can’t stand her either!
    did you see that other woman in purple crying after she got voted off?

    you know last saturday was the first time i ever watched that shit, but hey, i love it!

  4. I’m just watching Let’s Dance to see if they let poor Heide Simonis win.

    Upps is standard viewing around here. We tape it and watch each episode about 5 times in a row. Did you see that one where the talking dog said “I want my Mama!”?That killed me.

  5. Michael: Yes, you were the original. Everytime markus tells me to Tanz! I think of you.

    Claire: It is like a romance novel. I swear, in my next life, i’m going back in time and I will be one of those princesses except i will bathe and make sure all my servants bathe, every day.

    Natgirl: I’m not mean to heide, that would be too cruel. But she can’t dance. Its cruel to keep her going just to be nice. Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind. Give her the cut!

    Sandy is a total ho bag- how do you spell that? I hope she almost wins but doesn’t, that RTL robot child.

    and Yes, Heike was so sad, it broke my heart. I got a little taery after slamming her in the 10 hours they take to announce the loser. that time period is just dead air. it goes way beyond “creating tension”. Arme Heike.

    Christina: Man, i love Upps. We’ve got it programmed now so i can watch it when i cook. I just can’t get enough of the misfortune of others. However, i do take it as a learning program. I will never ever dance on tables or do a wheelie on a bike or dance with an old man at a wedding.

    I do however try to video my cats, but all they ever do is sleep which is not prize worthy, is it?

  6. I ended up watching it in Mallorca … only got German TV there. Now I am mesmerized at how the public keep the Politikerin in the game … the Partenrin says it is because they love her, but I think the public simply has a cruel sense of humor.

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