This is after Sparky said no to a movie and yes …

This is after Sparky said no to a movie and yes to “Let’s Dance!”


5 thoughts on “This is after Sparky said no to a movie and yes …

  1. Tell Sparky I’ll watch “Let’s Dance!” with him anytime. That show completely cracks my shit up. I absolutely love the pro dancer hooked up with Heide Simonis – not because he’s hot or anything ’cause he ain’t – but because he has to drag her wooden ass around for a minute and a half. It must be like dancing with a statue. That woman is so stiff I could drive in railroad spikes with her.

  2. It is really funny.

    And did you see Heide’s partner when it was down to the heide/heike elimination. I think he’d be so happy to just move on.

    And as much as I thought Heike needed to go, when she cried I felt so bad for her. And her dance pro was hurt, he so would not have been able to dance next week.

  3. I got all teary too! I said to B “Who would think they’d take this to heart so? She really must have loved doing this!”.

    I love Jürgen and Uta. He’s not the best dancer but he looks like he’s having so much fun. For such a big guy he doesn’t do so bad and you can tell he’s concentrating to the point of his brain catching fire.

    Wolke is entirely too cute. I can’t stand her TV show but she’s so cute dancing.

    Wayne is totally doing Isabel. You just know it. But dang, they’ve got the dancing thing down.

  4. Dixie: I KNOW, i was so sad for her.

    Jürgen is my fave. Even tho he dances like a white german, i love his enthusiasim.

    Wolke is cute and even Sparky who doesn’t like her in real life likes to watch her dance.

    Appearantly, Wayne was not so hot to begin with, it seems that they had to learn the horizontal moves before the vertical worked. god, i’m really integrating aren’t i? I’m getting into german celeb gossip.

    Spaghetti: Meow… I am rather catty at times. 🙂

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