Ice Cream Cones

Today we’re off to Frankfurt with TwinkleToes. She’s 8. We met her when she was 5 and it’s amazing to see this little girl grow into this incredible person. We love spending time with her. Her mom just had a baby, like two weeks ago, so this is a perfect time to give her some TLC.

Yesterday, Sparky and I spent hours trying to figure out kid things to do. We had museums and movies and zoos and amusement parks all picked out. We were going to let her choose. You know what she wants to do? She said, and this is almost a quote, she doesn’t want to do anything that big, just spend time with us so if we could just go shopping for CDs and get an ice cream cone, she’d be happy. And this wasn’t in that passive-aggressive martyr way.

I swear, if my GBF hadn’t suggested that I not joke about kidnapping kids, I would warn her mom that TT would soon have a new last name. She is the one of the reasons Sparky and I are planning to have kids – not now, but in the future. She is the antithesis of a shitty kid.

Well, TT, the pleasure is all ours so you’re on. We’re off to Frankfurt for a bit of shopping and a movie later in the day. Ice cream cones included.


13 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cones

  1. Awww, there is nothing sweeter than a little girl. As they get older they get a bit more complicated, but also incredibly interesting. Here’s hoping the 3 of you have a great day.

  2. She sounds so sweet! And yeah, sometimes kids just do want to hang out and not do much of anything at all. That means they really, really like you. 🙂

  3. That is so sweet!

    I have my own “borrowed” girl. Or had as now she’s nearly 20 and not so little anymore. She’s the daughter of B’s oldest friend and we’ve been close to her since I moved here 8 1/2 years ago. It was great to do kid stuff with her before but now I get to do real girly girl things with her.

    There was a time when I had to get through her love of the Kelly Family. Now we dig on Nine Inch Nails together.

  4. how funny, i pictured you guys with kids already:)

    You make me laugh so hard, you are really hot shit:)

    thanks for cheering me up:)

  5. What you say about her reminds me of what we feel about our 5-1/2 year-old grandson! They say the darnest things that somehow put life into perspective.

    BTW, I have just added you to my blogroll. Now that I know who you are 🙂

  6. In my Zertifikat Deutsch exam, my exam-partner and I had to plan a weekend of entertaining a friend’s child as a part of the spoken-portion. It is harder than it looks when you don’t have one of your own, but I wish I had had that line to use during the exam. Glad to hear you had a good kid to “work with.”

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