Danger. Danger. Dick Cheney! *Guest Post by Sparky*

Since Jen and I are slumped with work today, we decided to update the Blog with a little signature film. I call it “Nature strikes back at Dick Cheney” – but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. After all, it is only an unlucky Frenchman whose hunting hobby has some surprising consequences for him.

Click here or on the photo to find out what I’m talking about…


11 thoughts on “Danger. Danger. Dick Cheney! *Guest Post by Sparky*

  1. oh my god– this clip is brilliant. I had to link to it. Thanks so much.


  2. Bambi grew up, found mama’s killer, and now he’s getting revenge! What a clip. Great blog!


  3. Oh, the Humanity! The senseless brutality. I’m no longer for gun control, I’m for buck control.

  4. hahahahaha!
    i saw a similar video here in the u.s. on a show called “when animals attack.” can you believe there was a whole show of similar clips.

  5. Elizabeth: Thanks for the link. I’m glad you liked it.

    Haddock: Doesn’t he just. I loved it.

    Matt: Seriously.

    Stephanie: Yep. I had always heard that deer could do that, but never really believed it.

    Christina: Are you kidding me? Cheney doen’t have a mommy. He’d have been wailing to the dark lord himself.

    Mike B: I’m sure that Buck was only hoofing what he and his family could eat. Its about hoofing responsibly.

    April: Oh I remember that show. It was hilarious. Have you seen Grizzly Man. Talk about when animals attack.

    Grund-a-mon: I thought you were spam until i clicked the link. Have you been listening to the Bloodhound Gang again?

  6. Shalom Jen, yeah – Bloodhound Gang kickz ass :-). I like them! Always keep in mind – my posts usually look like spam, but the treasure is locked inside ;-).

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