Planned Spontaneity

We’re planning a mini-break to Prague. It’s kinda of spontaneous. Meaning we’re going to go in the next few weeks and we’re taking a train (gasp!). I ordered a Green Guide and a Streetwise map today. Sparky is ready to book a hotel however he’s not allowed to actually book a hotel before I get my map and book.

Sparky is WAY more adventurous than I am. He likes to find a cheap place in the farthest corner of a city and walk and walk and walk. I like to know what we want to see, where we want to focus our small amount of time and find a hotel in the area.

The last time we did this Sparky’s way in an unknown city was our honeymoon in Paris. It sounded so romantic and sweet, walking the Parisian streets, seeing the local flavor and really experiencing the city. Oh, the naivity of youth…

After the tear gas attack from the beautifully dressed French police force, we ended up walking 8.5 kilometers to our hotel through very sketchy parts of town.

Granted, part of it was sketchy because I mistook bonne année for punani and thought everyone we passed really didn’t like Americans fo’shu (insert stupid American joke here), but we did actually get tear gassed and we did have to walk 8.5 kilometers from the Eifel Tower area to our hotel because the metro system, where we were gassed, was not really running.

So, before we book these days, I like to know the layout and our plans.

Sparky assured me he knew Prague. He knew Prague because Vampire was set in Prague and he played that game for days.

See what I mean. I am so not walking those streets at night.

Find your vampire name here.


15 thoughts on “Planned Spontaneity

  1. That Johnny Depp Ripper movie was filmed there too…watch those shadows!

    walking does have its upside in the daytime though: Prague is gorgeous, the people are so nice, but when the heat gets going you realize that deodorant isn’t a big seller in the markets.

    Sounds like a fun trip, I loved it there, I’m a wee bit jealous.

  2. Prague is lovely! Have a great time.

    RE: Vampire name:
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Emperor of The Ghastly

    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Scourge of The Highway Thieves

    The Great Archives Record:
    Takes more than gold from the rich on the highway – takes blood too.

  3. We’re also planning a visit to Prague soon… but ours will planned (complete with lists, maps & tour books).

    The last time we were spontaneous in a foreign country we almost ended up in jail!

  4. My MIL went to Prague last summer and loved it.

    I read this to B and he said “Sparky’s way is pretty much how I did Budapest when I visited there back in the late 70s. I read a book that took place in Budapest and I went to the same places described in the book. Worked for me!”.

  5. I’m a new commenter, but I’ve been reading your blog for awhile (came through Haddock’s blog). I was actually in Prague a few weeks ago. Wonderful city. But just watch out with how you plan to go there because they’re working on the tracks over around the Czech border so you may be kicked off of a train and thrown onto a bus with a bunch of Czech people who barely know any German. Just a warning 🙂

    And those streets aren’t too difficult to navigate. We were able to do it with a map at 2am while drunk!

  6. 1) that game was THE BOMB. they made a tv mini-series out of it. he should watch it.

    2) Chris and I went to prague via DB two years ago and stayed at a hostel (which basically was a 3 star hotel actually) and LOVELOVELOVED it. If you need info I still have all the pakets/maps/whathaveyou.

  7. Well… we lived in Prague for a year (a year ago) so if you need any info I probably can help. I have a shelf full of Prague guides- wish you were closer so I could lend them to you!
    Prague isn’t like Paris- you really can walk everywhere very easily- and personally I think it is Europe’s most beautiful city, especially at night!

  8. We loved Prague when we visited there last year. I think we stayed in the Muskateer hotel up at the top of the square and loved it. It is quite the city. Definitely worth a trip!

  9. Have a great time! LOL! “Planned Spontaneity.” I saw – in a city known for vampires, planning is the way to go.

  10. Jen….
    Did you know I am doing the same on the 27th?
    3 days in Praha alone, just me, the presidential suite, a camera and 4 naked women.

    Have a weekend job there so I will not much time to site see but at least I am heading to Prague!

    I will shoot you an email later.

  11. I lived in Prague in 2002 for a month. Loved being spontaneous and exploring and enjoying the time. Since it’s probably May, for me it rained every day no matter what. It was mroe like a down pour for a few hours… Bring some type of rain jacket I’d say… Just so you know….

    But it sounds like it will be so much fun! Can I go in the suitcase via VancouveR? And I took the train too! Long ride… Oh be careful of everyone trying to make you buy something at the train station as there will be lots of people there like that…

  12. after reading your list of 99 things i can finally say i am not alone in my quirks! they are hilarious.

    i know all about planned spontaneity. i have a 2-year old and a husband(this after being fiercely single and childless my entire life). i miss the get-up-and-go days. now, i have to pack pull-ups and baby wipes and alot enough time to dress two finicky people.

    love your blog. can’t wait to read more.

  13. You guys rock. This is so awesome. I’ll be e-mailing for info.

    Megan – The Ripper, oh great. My poor overactive imagination. I’ve been wanting to go for ages. Its spontaneously planned for late may, so hopefully it won’t be too warm and I can avoid the uh… deo challenged. thanks for the warning.

    J: Emperor of the gastly. Sounds like a good serial killer name.

    EuroTrippin: Sounds like a really good story unless it was in Turkey, then it could have been really bad. Don’t take home rocks as souveniers in Turkey, people.

    Dixie: I think B and Sparky would get along. I’m not that brave.

    Versteckt: A very sincere thanks for the tip. We were planning to go via train. An overnighter with a sleep car. I wonder how that will be affected now. This is the first country markus and i are going to that neither one of speaks a word of the native language. it should be interesting.

    Belinda: Sparky said that the mini series was made off the RPG and that you must be cool if you RP. I’ll e-mail you for info if you don’t mind. We’ll not be hosteling it since Sparky told me the premis for that horror flick Hostel, but cool stuff is always good to know.

    Traveller One: You’ve been around, lady. Sweet! So, since you lived there for a year, you were able to walk around at night without getting bit by vampires or attacked by werewolves or Rippers? If you don’t mind, I’ll be e-mailing you too for information.

    Christina: Thanks. Sparky and I travel really well together, so it ought to be fun. I need to add more countries to my county list, ya know. My little sister has more countries than i do and I’ve lived here for going on four years now.

    Ginnie: The Musketeer Hotel? that sounds cool. Did you like it, did it have a/c?

    Mr. Fab: its got nothin on the milky way, dude.

    Claire: yeah, I’d rather deal with sun damage than stay indoors for the rest of eternity. I look really washed out without a little color to my skin.

    Mike T: You know, not many women with newborns let there husbands traipse around europe, taking pictures of goreous naked women. You must have done something really good in a past life.

    Expat Travller: Good tips. Thanks. We’ll be prepared now. I wouldn’t have even thought about rain.

    the trainstation sounds like the airports in Mexico. we’ll be prepared now. thanks.

    And yes, I have no problem with stowaways. I wonder if DB makes a stop in BC.

    April: Thanks and thanks. I’ll start updating more often. I was very single until Sparky. My family never thought I’s marry. They thought i might have kids if i met a turkey baster I liked, but marriage took them all by surprise. I’m taking advantage of the get up go while we can. One of these days we’ll probably have kids.

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