Girls Weekend…

is still on. So here are the details.

Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21.
If you only want to come for one day, make it Saturday May 20th.
You decide how long you want to stay. Christina is spending the night and I have one more blow up mattress and a sofa if anyone else wants to spend the night. If you don’t want to take advantage of the luxurious blowup mattress, there is an inn in the area.

My place in Darmstadt. E-mail me for info.

A girlie weekend. Good food, drinks, coffee provided one of you can make it because I make lousy coffee. I make a mean sangria and a fabu Cosmo. Lots of girl talk and possibly a BBQ if the weather is decent.

What to know:
1. In case you are a serial killer and have never read this blog, I have cats. That’s plural as in three and they are all shedding. If you are allergic to cats, take medication. Otherwise your running nose and watery eyes will give you away.

2. There will be plenty of laughs. If you don’t like to laugh, stay home. Or come and we’ll teach you how.

3. If you do spend the night, I promise bras will not be frozen, but I can’t promise that the old hand in warm water trick won’t be attempted.

4. Sparky and I can shuttle to and from the bahnhof. I’m a better driver, but Sparky can get you there faster.

5. Also, at the same time, J is coming down for the Save Sparky bike ride. Yes, I know, J and a bike, hard to believe. So if you want to bring a significant other, we do have babysitting available.

Be there or be square.


11 thoughts on “Girls Weekend…

  1. kim: Just fly over. if you stay less than three days, you don’t get hit by jet lag.

    Michael: Shall we invite The Band With Glanz?

  2. I’m only going to be there if I end up looking like that middle girl at the end of the weekend. How many Cosmos would that take, I wonder?

    I got my train ticket in the mail yesterday from Deutsche Bahn’s “Fulfillment Center”. Are they serious?

  3. Well I’ll be having a girls weekend in NYC at the same time so let’s all have a drink or two (or three) to us- the fabulous women of the world!

  4. Jen: that would be kind. Maybe then I will intone some classy songs :-)!

  5. “Fulfillment Center” Heh.

    I’d so be there in a minute, changing trains in Hannover just so I could get on the same one with Christina so we could arrive as a pair of giggling, silly, ready-for-the-party-to-start chicks, if my family wasn’t arriving a week later.

    While y’all are getting drunk and having fun I’m going to be cleaning the oven and washing windows.

  6. As I already told Christina, my Spirit will be floating over you, watching every little thing you do 🙂

  7. I should have visited your blog MUCH earlier! Love it! I’m ususlly in lack of time (work wise), but I will drop in regularly. You girls have fun!!

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