To Cleanse the Palate

This is for you, Lisa and Nuala.


7 thoughts on “To Cleanse the Palate

  1. Christina_ that chair will be vacuumed by sparky minutes before you arrive. no fear. however, minutes after you arrive, they will be all over you.

    Lisa – I needed kitties after that experience too.

    Anon aka Mim – Any day is a good day for kittens

    Claire – i have to admit, they are adorable.

    Nuala- remember how tiny Fin was? no more, let me tell you…

  2. Jen, remember the little 4 pound ball of white fluff I sent you pictures of? 13 pounds. Oof! I have to get you some updated pics. And Fin, he will always be that cute little kitten to me, LOL.

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