There is Truth in Advertising

Gorgeous Germany. Busty Bavaria. Homoerotic Hessen.

This is a Public Service Announcement for all those living outside Germany. Bavarian Beer wenches can be tempted to do ANYTHING for a weizen, even make-out with their hot girlfriends.

Seriously, all the women in Germany look like this. I know, I know, the stereotypical shot-put thrower is what usually comes to mind when you think of German women, the mean aunt in Mathilda. This is not true. In fact, Germany has the most beautiful and sexually adventurous women in the world. Forget Switzerland, they’re beautiful, but charge you a fortune in jewels or rare artwork then send you on your way. In Germany, it will only cost you a beer.

These ads are all over my city right now. I know sex and advertising and all that jazz, but man, I can’t look away. I swear the brunette is about to French the blond.

You might think they are Lesbian Bavarian Beer wenches, but they aren’t really lesbians. They just make-out with each other for their boyfriends. Its really all about the bratwurst for these girls. And the weizen. Don’t forget the weizen.

These are the girls you meet at Oktoberfest. Really. I swear.


5 thoughts on “There is Truth in Advertising

  1. I dunno, judging by the picture, they’re not so much into each other as they are into me. I gotta run though, train to Munich leaves in 10.

  2. Second only to the butt-naked-in-the-ass-of-winter C & A underwear models. One puff of air and it’s nipple city.

  3. How much do you want to bet that every american male who reads your blog is praying weizen means ‘american penis’…

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