And Let the Gossip Begin…

Its girlie weekend, girls. And yes, Mausi, you still count as a girl.

Lisa will be here first, with Christina a close second. Claire comes in a bit later, just as the sangria is ready to drink actually. Ginnie will be here in spirit, I am told. Miranda should have been here, but she’s not. I would have been so happy to see my little sister. Sniff, Sniff (Hey mim, that’s as much internet guilt as I can manage)

Cleo is looking forward to sleeping on Christina’s bed. You know how it is with cats and allergy sufferers. Kiska will be traumatized and spend the weekend under the bed. It will be interesting to see how Fin reacts. Eventually, he’ll come out and play.

Sparky will be going by the names Jaaames all weekend, but only if it is said in a British accent. Otherwise he’ll not respond. He is playing driver, butler and errand boy all weekend when he’s not actually trying to get work done and his obsessive visits to the gym. He’s really happy.

J will be sneaking in for lunch tomorrow. He and Sparky and I are going to the “Theata, dahling” later in Sunday evening. Talk about a full weekend.

I’m off to find heavy juice oranges and whip up a frittata.

Later, gators.


7 thoughts on “And Let the Gossip Begin…

  1. Do take it easy on Sparky this weekend, ladies.

    Looking forward to seeing three of my fav bloggers and also meeting two more of my favs. Oh, and the theater as well.

    (PS: Tell Claire I’ll be bring some essays for her to mark)

  2. I’d be there too if I didn’t have a pile o’ Mississippians arriving next week!

    I hope y’all are having a great time together.

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