Our downstairs neighbors have been importing German Flags from Turkey to sell and distribute for the World Cup. They have been using our Hof as a psuedo-storage area. This weekend it rained and stormed pretty hard and the bottom of these boxes got wet. Christina and Lisa even mentioned it when we were staring out at the hail (IN MAY!!!).

This is what happens when the bottom of a seriously large stack of boxes gets wet.


6 thoughts on “GOAL!

  1. Yep. That had “bad idea” written all over it. Good thing no one’s child or pet was sitting under it when it went.

  2. Damn woman! That is a seriously HUGE stack of boxes! Hope the rain/hail didn’t harm your WeiberWochende.

  3. It was a huge soggy tower just waiting to tip over. What in the world were they thinking? Let’s hope those babies are wrapped in plastic.

  4. I knew that was not going to end well!! Yes, you all have . . . “colorful” neighbors!

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