Eating a Dane

I am currently in Denmark, eating a Danish which is very different from a Dane.

Our Prague trip didn’t work out so we went north WITHOUT a map and without a book and we’ve landed very nicely in Copenhagen. How’s that for spontaneous. I stopped all the spontaneity when Sparky suggested a Hostel which he tried to get me to believe actually meant something different in Danish. Dude, the guy thinks I’m an idiot. I know my hostels from my four stars. I’m a freakin’ Peter Gabriel song. It’s Copenhagen for the day and Sweden for a little snack before we head back to Boweltown and the Deer Hunters.

That’s right, Jeff. I’m collecting Sweden today. Take that Biatch.

Our hotel has free wireless access so I am literally eating my Danish and posting. How cool is that. I am running out of battery power so I’ll make this quick.

The whole point of this post is to rile my little brother. More on how this works and why tomorrow.


Jen and Sparky


3 thoughts on “Eating a Dane

  1. Copenhagen is lovely indeed. I’ve been there twice and will be there again in August. Have a great time. I hope Sparky hasn’t gotten too many speeding tickets.

  2. Ooooh, Denmark is so clean and shiny! We visited a family friend there a few years ago and stayed in…a hostel. Lovely if you like bunk beds and rock hard matresses.

  3. Jen, if you plan on explaining this thing then I think you should consult jeff and I and make us help

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