The girl had gams. A total Leg Show model

The girl had gams. A total Leg Show model


2 thoughts on “The girl had gams. A total Leg Show model

  1. Oh Jen, I am so sorry. My heart just breaks for you. I’ve been lurking on your blog for the past week, gorging myself on your smorgasbord of archived blogs, but if there’s one thing that can bring me out of the shadows it’s the death of a beloved kitty. The death of a pet is so hard, in some ways more so than the death of a person. A relationship with a pet is so uncomplicated and pure, but the grief so weighted down with not knowing whether they truly understood how much they were loved, or knowing if they were as happy with you as you were with them. From the little I know about you and your relationships with animals and people I dare say Miss Cleo could not have possibly doubted the depth of your adoration and devotion. She was the luckiest girl in the world to be so well loved and mourned by you. There’s not a dry eye in the Heisse Scheisse house today. I need a tissue. Be well.


  2. As a true internet slut, nothing turns me on more then a stranger ordering a pair of my stinky silky panties, sheer stockings or nylon pantyhose. Pantyhose are a favorite for most of my customers for they capture the scent of my feet, my butt and my kitty. I never wear with panties, so you could imagine just how much of my sensual sexual scent they capture. I love to pose for photos and have quite a selection for those that can’t get away with being caught with a pair of womens panties, stockings, or pantyhose, which I totally understand. xox email me

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