Kick-a-Boo Joy Juice

Today is my three-year anniversary in Germany. I actually had to count on my fingers to figure that out because it feels like I’ve been here forever. Okay, i even did the math wrong and my dad had to correct me.

I haven’t had time to reflect on what I’ve learned, where I’ve been and all that jazz because coincidently, today I’m taking another trip. I think this trip will be just as life changing as moving to Germany. And I don’t have to learn another language.

I don’t like to jinx things, so I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. I will say it includes some kick-a-boo joy juice, cameras, robots and the Wizard of Oz or rather the man behind the curtain.

In my absence, a couple of people will be guest posting. Von Tauber, the mother of TwinkleToes will be here. She’s more of a sexy voice than I am. Check out her photos. They’re not work safe, but they are gorgeous. Hamish and J as well, I hope. They’ll post as they have time. My brother and sister might do a joint post, which worries me to no end because I will not be able to do a thing about it. WonderTwins, watch your selves.

Sparky will come in with the requisite Kylie post. I’ve tried to dissuade Sparky’s obsession by explaining that Kylie is really Kyle in drag. Danii Minogue is really pissed because her brother is a better woman than she is thus the extensive amount of plastic surgery. Then I feel really bad because of the breast cancer thing and shut up. So count on Kylie’s Ass while I’m gone.

Actually, there might be more updates while I’m gone then there have been in the last few weeks.

On a different note… Check out Dropping Knowledge. It’s an organized forum to collect questions that actual people from around the world, not politicians, have in regards to the world. After the collection process is over, they will analyze the questions and form NGOs to address some of the questions. The idea is that we as individuals in this global community CAN have impact, that our voice matters, we CAN make a difference. It’s a cool idea and deserves some attention.

See you soon (I hope!)


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