Mood for Erotic Cake

I really need more sex in my life. It dawned on me this morning that the lack of post-baby sex has really dampened my creative spirit, to say the least. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for hours trying to find enticement from the depths of my unmotivated mind. It could be the baby, though. I tried my mood at creativity today but all Squeaky does is grunt and squeak and makes these noises that disturb my erotic creative flow. If I had a penis, it’d be shriveled.

I bet Jen and Sparky don’t have this problem. Maybe what I need is a babysitter, and then I could have my cake and eat it too, if you know what I mean 🙂

How long did Jen say she would be gone?

– tatiana, guest blogger


One thought on “Mood for Erotic Cake

  1. There is extensive literature pertaining to the effect of babies upon penises, but everything pretty much boils down to the equation: babies = shriveled penises.

    Curiosly, such research has not been done on the effects of babies on female clitoral engorgement. I do propose a Pavlovian experiment, every time said baby squeals you must perform or think something unabashedly sexual. This would be the adult version of the childhood “I’m traveling through the entire breadth of the united states with five siblings and every time we spot a molester van we must call it and if we miss it we get punched in the arm game.” Think about how nice it would be to have your baby squeak while you are in the supermarket and you therefore must caress your husband’s balls or else your arm will be black and blue.

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