Collectors of Countries

We the Wondertwins and Jennifer have a “friendly” competition; we collect countries. The rules for our competition have been up for debate for some time now, and the Wondertwins decided to settle this once and for all. The rules are as follows:

1. One must stay within a country’s borders for at least 24 consecutive hours.

2. If one has traditional food of that country, 2 consecutive hours are all that is required within the country borders.

3. If one is assaulted and permanently scared in a foreign country that person automatically gets that country once scar is verified by other siblings.

4. A two country bonus will be awarded for anyone who is killed in a foreign country (bonus will be awarded to reincarnated soul upon verification that soul belongs to dead sibling).


1. Airplanes and airports are neutral territory and therefore do not count as time spent in any country.

2. Rules are retroactive as of Jan 1, 2006.

3. Rules may be amended only by majority vote of the three siblings.

Comments are welcome from impartial readers.


One thought on “Collectors of Countries

  1. So NOT retroactive.

    A feeble attempt to take Sweden away from me.

    I agree to the above only on the condition that it is effective as of July.

    If I lose Sweden then Miranda loses both Austria and Switzerland.

    Have we all agreed to the US States rules?

    Please define assault and scar.

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