Okay everyone, or at least everyone who is left, I’m going to need your help. It seems the intuitive and observant author of this very blog has gone missing. Everyday I, along with many others I’m sure, tune into this page to listen in on the events that are elucidated in such an amusing fashion. But for the past few weeks, I have seen nothing but guest blogs. I hate guest bloggers, especially ones that bite off the original bloggers name.

So that’s it, I’m putting out an APB on Jen. If anyone knows anything about her, did she make it out of rehab okay, is she still alive, did she take her own life in a room full of padded walls, and if so how did she do it, please leave a comment. Or if you would just like to see these great blogs continue, please leave a comment. Maybe while she is begging for change to score another rock in some wi-fi equipped back alley, she will see that her fans miss her, and straighten up her life to be the next JK Rowling.

(“We are the world” starts playing in back-round)

Lets all hold hands and start a “Hands Across the World” to find her.



9 thoughts on “CALLING ALL CARS

  1. I read this blog from the other end of the world and am missing it.. please comeback Jen!
    Kay (NZ)

  2. man it’s hard to get them off the crack once they’ve got a taste, ya’ll can try though…

  3. I just want to thank Jen for teaching me to “work” my way up the corporate ladder. I hope she gets the help she has always needed.

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