Time Traveling and Cat Claws

I just finished The Time Traveler’s Wife and oh my god, I can barely see through the tears. Kim from Stepping Stones recommended it and I picked it up one day at Hugendubel.

It is so good and so heartbreaking I can barely stand it. Sniff, sniff.

I picked up Scrunchy/Fin (we call him Scrunchy these days because his nose scrunches up when he frequently bites the hand that feeds him) the cat to cuddle and wipe my face on and what do you suppose he did? Yep, he wacked my with a paw and almost blinded me, the damn cat. He not exactly a cuddly cat.

We just got back from a few days in Hamburg. Exciting it was not, but we had some delicious meals and I saw Sparky’s office for the first time. It’s a nice place filled with freakin’ kids. I swear, no one there is older than 25 and as my birthday is around the corner I felt rather uh… old? Beautiful girls in high heels and stylish boys. It is an advertising firm after all. I thought about how to look less dowdy, but if I go in there with high heels, I’d be trying way too hard not to mention the next outfit would be traction as I’ve never learned to walk more than five feet in heels. The closet to the bedroom I about all I can manage while looking remotely sexy. I should hurry up and have a kid to accessorize my soccer mom look.

It was odd to see Sparky’s other life, to realize he has another world separate from me even if its only for a few days every month. We spend so much time together that when he leaves, I don’t really think about where he’s going just that I can leave my panties on the floor for three days and my shoes will be exactly where I left them. And then I pick him up from the train station and it business as usual.

To see that he has this whole other place to go to talk and interact and eat fabu janpanese whenever he wants kinda tripped me out.

Aside from that, its business as usual around here.

In the fantastic news aisle, my sister’s scans all came back clean and she set for SUNI in two weeks. Yahoo and good for you little sister. You worked hard for this.

I gotta go clip some cat claws before I’m bloodied again. Scrunchy is rather attached to those claws and he loves it when they grow sharp enough to climb the curtains. I, however, like to keep my skin, eyeballs and clothing in one piece. Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Time Traveling and Cat Claws

  1. Go Miranda, go, go Miranda! (equal opportunity cheering section here, LOL)

    Congratulations on your scans, and have FUN FUN FUN at SUNY. Well… not too much fun, cause then I would get in trouble with Jen for telling you to do it LOL.

    Jen, Soccer Mom is way more in than high heels any way, so don’t sweat it.

    Speaking of leaving your panties on the floor, guess what! I bought new panties! (I know, I know, but I’m just so excited, and I wanted to share.) They’re boyshorts, and they’re hella cute and comfy!

    Scrunchy is a naughty boy for swiping at you like that. We need to have S whoop on him like she whoops on A (on a daily basis). It keeps A nice and sweet, anyway, though strangely enough she is less cuddly these days. LOL

    OK, that’s all from me. I owe you an email…

  2. Guess you can leave panties on the floor today and tomorrow… I will be home soon, and I love you like crazy!

    – Sparky

  3. High heels & underwire bras were clearly invented by sadistic women-hating men. The only good heels are on boots. They’re stylish, look great with jeans and/or a skirt, and they also come in handy when a little hardcore s&m discipline’s in order.

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