We’re Gonna Party Like its My Birthday…

Because it is.

My birthday is next week. Von Tauber’s was last week. I am hosting a joint birthday BBQ on Sunday, August 27th from around noon until whenever. You are hereby cordially invited if you follow the following rules:

1. Speak only English.*

2. Do not call it a grill party. Its a BBQ or even grilling out, but not a grill party.
3. Bring one dish to share unless you are Hamish. Hamish gets a free pass because he’s Hamish and i’m still not sure if he’s going to show up. (J’s got the chips so figure something else out.)

So you and your significant other/family/babies/small children/large children are very welcome. Dogs, not so welcome. If it rains we’ll be inside and the cats/Sparky will flip out if there is a dog. They are liable to flip out anyway, but to prevent Sparky’s head from exploding, its best if puppies stay home.

Otherwise, come on over to Boweltown. Its kinda like a mini blogger meet up. There will proably be a few actual KAKs**, but they have been instructed that during the party, they will be in an American territory so there for they should learn the language.

If you train it, James, our trusty driver will pick up and drop off. Either the Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof or the Eberstadt station.

Email me and I’ll give you details.

*german can be used if used in a proper mocking tone.
** KAK= krazy ass Kraut


22 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Party Like its My Birthday…

  1. does this mean both our names will be on the birthday cake? 🙂
    With long names like ours we need a LOoooooNG birthday cake. Nobody likes a stubby one, Jen.

  2. How expansive is this free pass? Like can I talk about how great the grill party is in German while the dog I brought roams around your house?

  3. J: Whoot Whoot!
    T: It will be long cake. I’ll cal you about that! I totally agree, stubby cakes are just not worth out time.

    Hamish: Sparky might not know how to fight, but I’m pretty sure he could take you. (i wish i could wink here without using those emoicons)

  4. Jay would crush you with330 pounds of rock-hard muscle, paper-thin skin and hose-like vascularity.

  5. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Jennnnnnnnnnnn
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu


    sorry I can’t be there *pout* but I’ll be there in spirit 🙂

  6. I wished you happy birthday on the phone yesterday but here’s an extra one a day late. I love you and congrats on one year closer to forty.

  7. Sunday we are celebrating HH’s third birthday here – a wild party is expected … cupcakes, milk, maybe a multi-colored sprinkle or two!

    Have a very happy birthday BBQ!

  8. Happy Birthday, hope it was a good party. This morning in Chicago I passed Darmstadt street soon after crossing Damen way…weird.

  9. Darn! We don’t get back until Monday so I’ll have to take a rain check and catch up with you later. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Jen. I’ll be beating on drums on dragon boats tomorrow so I don’t think that I’ll be able to make it. Hope you have a good one.

  11. Jen, I love you but now that your done partying like it’s your birthday I think its time to blog again.

  12. Happy Birthday to you!!
    I just read about your party on J’s blog. Sounds like a nice one (even with the rain). Mmm . . . birthday cake! Looking forward to the meet up in October!

  13. …comes with a little delay, but:

    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear jen,
    happy birthdayyy toooo youuuu :-).

    All the best,

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