PB&J *Guest Post by Sparky*

Dear Readers,

This is Sparky. Unfortunately Jen can’t make a Blog post. I have been hogging her computer all day long for the upcoming redesign of her Blog, which will include fancy-schmancy stuff like picture archives.

However, I thought I’d quickly tell you about the best thing she brought into my life (next to my favorite cat, Kiska): It’s peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Being a typical German, I first found the very idea of eating peanut butter quite disgusting.

But man, am I glad today that I tried.

How, without the strengthening that PB&Js give me, would I be able to hog Jen’s computer all day long and post classics like this one into her Blog that everybody has known since at least 5 years?


12 thoughts on “PB&J *Guest Post by Sparky*

  1. If you like PB&J, try peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches(you have to put PB on both slices of bread, banana is optional). Or, if you’re not that crazy; PB&J on toast is pretty kick-ass.

  2. Ah, peanut butter and banana sandwiches! A little added cinnamon and a few raisins makes the whole thing even yummier!


  3. Another peanut butter convert! Whooo! Mr M won’t touch it but my kids love it and I do too and we think the PBJ song is just toooo funny!

  4. Sparky! Put down the PB&J and get back to work. Just kidding. A little. Actually a good PB&J (Jiffy Cruncy Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly) can pick-up a bad mood any time!

  5. The total Americanization of Sparky is almost complete.

    PS: Grant’s right. Peanut butter and banana is delicious.

  6. Okay I have a question off subject for Jen. I am new to the site and just finished reading through the entire thing. I am an American who will be moving to Germany next year and I have to say this site has worried me. But Jen keeps saying that she loves Berlin and Berlin is where I am going, so I want to know why you love Berlin?

  7. Britwit, how can we get in contact with you? You can write to us by clicking on “complaint department” on the sidebar.

  8. Sparkles, your german roots are showing, its not a peanut butter jelly sandwich, it’s a peanut butter AND jelly sandwich. Please make note in your german>english englis>german dictionary. Good effort, I’m glad we are bringing you to the dark side, like when you had that “velvet hat” on….remember that?

  9. Whoa. Just the other day – Oct. 1st, to be exact, for some unremembered reason, while driving through Idaho, that INSANE song came to mind. Crazy!

    How ’bout just a big ol’ spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips?

  10. As a kid, some mom gave us peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches. not bad at the time, but i cannot imagine giving sugar sandwiches to kids. we were ampted for hours.

    I’ve always wondered why they sold fluff. Now I know.

    Amy, my friend, that sounds like heaven. anything with PB and chocolate is right up my alley.

    Anon/Jeffy: Sparky has made the appropriate note. Sparky needs to come from the pitch black darkside to the semi dark darkside.

    Hey, did I talk to you on the phone last night? I totally had a dream that i spoke to you, but it got kinda jumbled with a dream about Grandma Weinsheimer being an evil queen that i had to protect you from by killing a girl that looked like me by bashing her across the head with a silver plate because she had stolen the jewels and map that mom left for us, hidden in the bottom lining of a chair, to get us out of the castle. Then I stole her tiara and became her in order to avoid suspicion by the evil queen Who Would Never Die. Then I hid you (you were were about 7 in this dream and the cutest little red headed thing) in the castle until I could secure us tickets to America, but we could only go by boat only it was really dangerous and I absolutely had to keep you safe. So I kept you hidden for a little longer until i could research the best times to travel. Then the cat woke me up.

    So did you call or was it just a dream?

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