Correction, Vassili Zaitsev

Lets set the record straight. My sister and I have been very competitive for approximately our whole freakin lives. Up until the point when she moved to Deutcherville, she and I were very comparable shots. The first time she came home, and we went back to the range was a very quiet time for Jennifer. She had to TRY to be a good sport and tell me that I was a better shot, but it was apparent it was killing her softly. Now? Now you ask? Now I could out shoot her one handed and with the gun sideways, which is NOT how I shoot.

My gun of choice is the Kimber .45. Its got the kick, the clip, and the hit. Its a beautiful piece of metal that my sister is still unaware of. I rival my fathers prowess with this weapon. Its scary. That picture down there, is taken after one shot with my .45 at 25 yds.
I had to take a step back, snap a picture with my camera phone, and enjoy that one for a minute before going back for more.

The only reason Jennifer likes the Calico is because, one, it has a Huge scope on it, that with her coke bottle glasses brings the target about 2.6 inches away from the barrel. Two, it shoots .22’s, which as anyone who has ever shot anything before knows it kicks like a pellet guns. And three, the 100 round mag means she can sit at a chair ALL DAY LONG and blast away without having to do the real work involved in recreational shooting.

In closing I would just like to say, Jennifer, I love you with all my heart. I am so glad you have picked up blogging again, I see your fan base growing. But sista, as much as I know it burns your narrow ass, you will never be a better shot than me. And the important thing is WE both know this.


2 thoughts on “Correction, Vassili Zaitsev

  1. My sweet brother. I am sorry, you are right. You have Always been the better shot. I just get so jelous of your shooting skills sometimes, I just don’t know. Its really hard for me because I am the older sibling and you are better than me at EVERYTHING. I wish I was you. Again I am sorry, I will never doubt you again.
    -your humble servant/sister

  2. My poor, poor brother. The lengths you go to. Really, it’s sad.

    First of all, I will give you that right now you are a better shot than I am. Absolutely better shot. This is due to the amount of practice you need/have gotten since I have moved to a weaponless country.

    Second, I am so sorry you feel that I am better at everything. It’s not always true, you can draw better than I can. It’s just that as the older one, I’ve tried things first. Like shooting.

    I know Dad really pushed you to get your license after I scored a 100% on my own, without dad pushing me but because I wanted to, on my own. Like the electric drill.

    Third, I know it must be hard living in my shadow, but really, Jeffy, you are the wind beneath my wings. The wind beneath my wings…

    -your loving and supportive sister.

    p.s. Dude, you know my password, you totally should have logged in as me.

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