Changing Time

I still don’t know.

Wasn’t last weekend supposed to be a time change weekend?

First I thought it was supposed to be Saturday night so when we woke up, we’d have Sunday to adjust. Then I couldn’t fall asleep. I watched the ticking of the clock (my clocks don’t actually tick) until I fell into an exhausted sleep at 4:15 am. At 5 am, my really sweet and considerate brother called. No one was dead. No accidents. He just wanted to talk and the more he drinks the less he cares about time.

Then it didn’t happen, the time change.

I couldn’t figure out if Sparky was gas lighting me or if I really just had no idea what was going on. All the clocks were the same time and I figured, Sparky would not know to change the clock in my car, but then I couldn’t remember if I had changed the clock in my car because she has been in the shop continuously since spring. So I spent Sunday in a state of confusion that I still haven’t broken free of.

I love autumn in Germany. I know I said I liked something in Germany. Hard to believe. But I do. I love the changing of the seasons, especially saying goodbye to summer. I hate summer here. Summer is really only to be enjoyed at a beach house in Laguna. Ahh, the memories of a pampered youth. Autumn in Germany is just gorgeous. I’m amazed every day.

The changing of seasons is something that, living in SF, I never really noticed until I moved here. The constant movement of time, seasons marking that change and a new poignant awareness of the seasons of my life. Maybe it’s just my age.

If I were J, I’d say today is perfect bike riding weather. Since I have no intention of putting my ass on a bike seat, I will say its perfect convertible/cabrio weather. Gloves and a scarf and a nip in the air. It would be perfect if my car weren’t always in the shop.

I spent the last two weeks in Hamburg and Sparky has had the comp. Still a one comp household. He’s currently in Hamburg. I couldn’t bear another week in a hotel or making small talk with his office. They’re very nice people, but they’re his co-workers and I don’t think I can realistically talk about, well the stuff that pops into my head. I have to censor my thoughts since there isn’t a checkpoint between thought and speech.

I have a question for you. What is more boring than an overweight woman trying to lose weight? I have an answer for you. NOTHING! My day revolves around scales and gyms and how many carbs I’ve consumed as opposed to how much protein, around rote repetition and walking in the same spot for the same amount of time (thank god for the Scissor Sisters.). Bor-ring! I have a goal and I’m working very hard towards it. Unfortunately, part of the price is a rice cake life when I crave savory and spice.

Scrunchy the cat has stopped talking to me. He’s actually actively avoiding me right now. Apparently he doesn’t like the conversation or the attention. Kiska has been searching the house for Sparky, squeaking and searching. When she finally realizes that he’s not there, she curls up on his side of the bed and waits. She too, feels the emptiness when Sparky’s gone.

I’m going to do a little internet shopping to fill the void. (That should get him home fast!)

********Update: Go here to find out the correct dates for time changes.


10 thoughts on “Changing Time

  1. The fall has been absolutely beautiful so far, hasn’t it? Try as one might, it’s hard to say anything bad about it.

    I never know when to put back the clock until I read our TV guide. Just dawned on my yesterday that it’s this Saturday.

  2. I wish the US and Europe did it at the same time…but they don’t. But then I found the perfect answer to this problem: radio controlled clocks!

  3. I know when the time is because I’m looking forward to the extra hour of sleep this weekend.

    megan, the US and Europe ‘fall back’ together, but they ‘spring forward’ at different times.

  4. Really nice pictures! Fall in the Pacific Northwest has been gorgeous too! I ahte the days getting colder and shorter, but LOVE the colors! I’m a Bay Area hometown girl myself (where in the Bay Area did you live?), and I must say, I prefer the seasons…

    And we’re similar on this weight stuggle thing, too. I have finally accepted the fact that I’m a Weight Watchers lifetime member — not because I’ve gotten to goal (that’s about 25 pounds away), but because I need to think of it as a LIFETIME commitment.


  5. By the way, what does “pooped” mean next to the blog links on your left sidebar? And THANKS for linking to mine… I think. Does it mean it’s a shitty blog? 😦


  6. Christina: It really has been beautiful this year. I needed it. I needed a reason to like it here again. I can’t wait for the snow now!

    Megan: this is why i thought it was last weekend. My sister said hers is this coming weekend so i thought we were a week ahead.

    J: I’m looking forward to getting up earlier actually. Sparky on the other hand, like sthe sleeping part. My ADD just doesn’t let me sleep that much.

    Carol: That was of my backyard- the view from my redroom. It really is gorgeous. I love the seasons. in WC we had a ton of liquid amber, but it really doesn’t feel the same. And i love the cold. give me cold any day. I just can’t stand the humid heat that germans seem to love.

    OOH. Another bay area girl. I grew up in Walnut Creek. you?

    It is a lifetime thing. I have this theory that if you eat right and workout right for two weeks, you should automatically have the body you want. As long as you keep it up, you can keep it. four days off and you’re back to the bad. Its a good way to keep a person on the right path. too bad our bodies aren’t engineered to take my advice.

    and the poop thing. Nope it means that you’ve updated, you’ve pooped, you’ve got new material. There is not one blog on that list that’s shitty. I read ’em all. There are a couple of blogs that I don’t like (the people rather than the sites). I can’t help but to check into every once in a while, but i’d never list them. Its that morbid curiosity thing.

  7. oh and megan, sparky has one of those radio controlled clocks. that was why i was so confused. I figured it changed, but then all the other clocks were the same time and they (the oven clock) are not radio controlled so how did they change? I figured Sparky ran around and changed the others because i obviously could not have gotten the date wrong.

    I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It would have been a great practical joke if i hadn’t played it on myself.

  8. Glad you’re back on your own time, baby. I’m losing mine here in Hamburg… been up since 4.30 and still going halfway strong. Call me from time to time!

  9. It would be nice cabrio weather if it weren’t for the rain … and if your cabrio has the AIRSCARF heating to blow warm air around your neck … Mercedes got one thing right. As for the weight-loss thing, you’ve instpired me to lose the next kylie — thanks.

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