I’m sick. I got sick last week on the way to Hamburg and while the worst is over, I’m still down and out. I was Mis. Er. Able. And when I’m miserable, I like to share. Poor Sparky. Really.

Note to self: Next time you are dog sick, do NOT play “Cut off nose to spite face”. While the “F*** You” accompanied by the middle finger and slamming of the door as you walked out into the freezing city of Hamburg with only a vague idea of where to go was sufficiently dramatic, and you are terrific at dramatic exits, it will not make a difference to anyone save that lovely bug residing in your head/chest. That lovely bug loves the freezing rain especially when you’re only wearing a corduroy jacket with a skirt and tee shirt. I won’t go into details to protect the innocent (me!) and the guilty (Sparky, of course!) but needless to say, I was cranky and Sparky had to, god forbid, work.

The night before, when we arrived in Hamburg, our hotel arrangements were completely screwed up. I almost commited violence upon the head of the hotel clerk when she told us the hotel no longer had rooms regardless of our standing weekly reservation. Did I mention it was midnight and raining? It was actually when she said she had no idea what we should do and with a bored shrug of her shoulders continued to talk on the phone to a friend about some TV program and her next cigarette break that I became Emily Gilmore and suggested that she not quit her day job because obviously night clerking was not where her talents lay. Did I mention that my witty commentary on her lack of skill did not help us AT ALL.

Yeah, I was quite the charmer on that trip.

So yesterday, after attempting normal life function on Monday and failing, I stayed down, covered up by a big fluffy blanket with the company of two cats and a husband. Sparky worked all day, sitting next to me, while I watched every single pre-teen princess movie available on Premiere. It was a good day. I knew I was still sick when Princess Diaries 2 got me all teary eyed because the script was just so deep. Not a Hillary Duff fan, so A Cinderella Story didn’t do much, but Sleepover with Alexa Vega was pretty good. Actually, any movie with a crown (except The Prince and I) is okay in my book.

Sparky not only did not debate the merits of pre-teen princess movies, he encouraged the watching and snuggled my stuffy nose when I, in my pre-teen mode said the best gift I could ever get from him was a bag of kittens and then went on to describe the type of velvet the bag should be made out of and how many kittens make up a bag of kittens (3-4 because anymore than that is just craziness). He gently put the kibosh on any ideas that I might, even if we won the lotto, receive a bag of kittens, but encouraged the thought as the Robitussen started to work.

I felt asleep dreaming of kittens. It was nice.

Not as cute as kittens, but much more realistic… Its crab season in San Francisco. Just in time for my arrival.


9 thoughts on “Sickie

  1. ugh! The German Indifference annoys the heck outta me. I’ll never get used to it.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick, honey. At least you had a good nurse.

  2. Ha, I know that feeling! Storming out, the door slams shut behind you and then you look up and down the street and ask yourself,…um now what? When putting yourself further up shit creek, better make that one hell of a dramatic exit!

    I needed a picture of kittens today, that was perfect. Get better and go tear apart San Francisco and report back.

  3. That orange and white kitten at the top left reminds me of your brother! The Jeffy kitty! 😀

    Sorry to hear you were sick. Glad you’re all better now.

    Curses on you for being in SF during crab season. I love crab. It’s one of the things I’d have with me on my deserted island. I’m sure you were just dying to know that.

  4. You poor thing! Will you be OK by Saturday. We can nurse you back to health.

    Man, those kittens are even making *me* want a cat!

    Get well soon!

  5. And I have “ONLY” three cats here, but one’s a feisty kitten, so she counts as 17, right?

    Oh, how I feel like making a dramatic exit myself sometimes! Grrrrr! I just have to make sure that when I do, Barnes & Noble (and the Starbuck’s within) is open!

    Glad you’re better. Give The City a big hug for me! I love Seattle, but there’s NO city like THE City! (And yes, only us natives are allowed to call it that; it just doesn’t sound right when anyone else does, right?!)


  6. When I want to punish Jim, I shop. One time he pissed me off so much that I ended up the proud owner of brand new Le Creuset cookware set. And I don’t even like to cook.

    Then there was our trip Jamaica…

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