The Meetup

Yes, Sparky and I are going. I am much better with only the hint of a snotty nose. And that has never stopped me from having fun. If you need directions or info you can e-mail me up until 7am tomorrow. After that, we are off with a small stop to pick up Hamish Fagerstrom and coffee.

J is already there scouting out appropriate places and basically loving the fact that he’s out of his town for a few days.

If you’re not going, just know this… we will be talking about you. Them’s the rules.

So, be there or be square people and if you’re ears start burning, there’s a reason!


10 thoughts on “The Meetup

  1. Have a great time, y’all! I would SO love to be there… and I hope you DO talk about me, even if I’m not an echt expatriat!

    Guess the feed list will be sparse for a few days, huh?


  2. I must say, I love the superhero picture to go along with the blog, with wonderwoman in front. Nice touch. I see the wondertwins are not there.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, J! Sorry I could not make the meet up. I hope we can get together again soon. Best to you and Sparky!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, you guys! Hope you have a great time with J and Hamish. It was SO nice seeing you on the weekend.

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