City Hair

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? The giddy happiness of anticipation at seeing that person, at the idea the feelings might be mutual? The confidence that is gained by the knowledge that someone other than your mother thinks you might be pretty cool so you start to feel pretty cool and that coolness is reflected in the way you walk and hold your head and most off all in the smile that is never far from your lips.

Well, that is what being back in SF is like for me. It’s the first time all over again and I haven’t felt this happy in a long, long time. I can’t remember the last time I smiled all day, from wake up to jet-lagged sleep.

The sky is bluer than blue, the weather gorgeous. I found pants that fit and five pairs of really cute shoes. I found my dream blouse and some great earrings. I had my hair done and I feel as if I can be seen again. I have city hair again and it feels so good. I have washed away the soccer mom look.

I had a Starbucks latte, nonfat. Did I say nonfat because I meant nonfat. The Barista seemed to know what nonfat milk was. Not so in Starbucks in other countries that shall not be named. And I used Splenda which Starbucks provided for my convenience. Did you hear that? I said it. Con-ven-ience. I ordered a BLT from Specialties which took me all day to eat because I’m in love, baby and we all know that one cannot eat more than air when one is in love.

I had a two-hour lunch with my dad on a patio that was heated by the sun. You know that big orangey thing in the sky? Well it still exists and let me tell you, it’s warm. I had an Anchor Steam beer with an old friend and the beer was great and the conversation better.

I’ve had bad Chinese food, good Mexican, hot guac from Trader Joe’s. I had my usual pasta from Fuzio’s and iced tea is offered everywhere.

I goofed off with my brother and even threw in a wrestling match which he lost because he has spaghetti arms. I laughed so hard in Long’s Drug store I was crying.

A kid gave up his seat to me on Bart yesterday, right before it got crowded. It might have been because of my city hair or the smile I just can’t seem to lose. Or he was just a nice kid whose mother raised him right.

Now I know that this will end sadly, if not badly. I know that these last few days are not indicative of what life would be like if I moved back. I am sleeping on my brother’s sofa and driving my step-dad’s jacked-up-four-wheel-drive truck (I’m listing to hip hop in it and feel like a bad ass). I would have to provide my own if I moved back

But, like a girl in love, I am so not going to think about that. I’m just going to wear my new skinny jeans that are getting looser by the day, toss my city hair around as I giggle and strut my way through the Bay Area in three inch heels that are so easy to walk in because of a thing called a Concrete Sidewalk.

And in the last six days, other than falling in love and finding the perfect clothes, I found me again and I’m happy.


12 thoughts on “City Hair

  1. I’m glad you are having such an awesome time! Can’t wait to join you,

    – your loving husband, Sparky

  2. You strut that stuff, girlie!

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Glad to hear that you’ve found yourself again and that you’re happy. The difficult thing to do is bring the person you like back with you and keep it up.

  3. Stop!! You’re making me want to head home to the Bay Area!!

    SO glad you’re having such a blast! If you want gray and drizzly, you can always come to Seattle (but I won’t be here; I’ll be in HAWAII!!!!!).


  4. Sparky – You”d better hurry up because I am having too much fun. Its going to be very hard to get me back on that plane. you might have to drug me or lie about the destination.

    Mim: I love you too.

    J: Yeah. bringing it back might not be so easy. I have to go back right? I have a month to figure it out.

    Andrea: Oh I am. I”ve never loved concrete so much in my life.

    carol: Seattle might have non-fat lattes, but if i wanted gray drizzle, I’d be content to stay in krautland. come back down to the bay Area. The drivers aren’t so bad.

    Megan: Its beyond awesome. How’s the kitten? Did i tell you I”m getting that dingo snack t shirt just to have in case. I was talking about that t-shirt for days!

  5. Ahhh, ain’t love grand? I am SO glad you’re having such a good time. Have a good time for me too, K?

  6. Hi Jenn! I know that you want to spend as much time with your family as possible. But, if you get tired of sleeping on your bro’s sofa, you are welcome to stay at my house in Clayton. You can even sleep with Milhouse so that you feel at home. GBF should have my #. If you miss going to the gym, ClubSport in WC is nice. JJ

  7. Sounds like you’re having a blast! Glad to hear it. Eat some really good Mexican food for me while you’re there!

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