Side of the Road

So I’m back and we hit the tarmac running. We arrived at SFO on Monday morning to check in for a flight that we were scheduled to take Sunday. I wrote it down wrong on all three of my calendars and being the one that organized our lives, Sparky assumed I was on top of it.

When our plane took off on Sunday, I was blissfully unaware, sitting with my brother, dad and step-mom (Sparky, of course) playing a board game and anticipating the baked ziti that was scenting up the joint.

Monday, well, we flew standby and managed to get seats across from each other and since flying standby, they throw your luggage in last, we got our luggage first in Frankfurt.

Picked up the cats and in my jet lag high, decided to unpack everything immediately. Halfway through, I crashed and now the house is covered from wall to wall with stuff.

Sparky is on his way to Hamburg for the rest of the week. Talk about an abrupt stop to a wickedly good time.

I’ll probably not write about my first two weeks as I was unchaperoned and any/ all things I say can and will be used against me. Lets just say it was the best two weeks I’ve had in at least five years. There might have been a karaoke moment, but alas, that was wiped from the camera.

I was waxed, buffed, coiffed, manicured and pedicured until I remembered who I was. I shopped until I could see her in the mirror. I had a few cigarettes and a few more cocktails until I wit and humor joined me. And I laughed and smiled and played and laughed some more. Language came back to me as did joy.

I discovered that I drive much better when I can flip people off.

I was free in a way I never knew I couldn’t be. Does that make sense?

Sparky came out and we reconnected. He’s been working so much and traveling all the time we barely recognized each other save for my disillusionment and his exhaustion. Seven days of rediscovering each other in the place we discovered each other. It was necessary and wonderful.

My dad took us shooting and whereas Jeff kicked my ass, I kicked Sparky’s. It felt good to be good at something again.

Mim came home from school and the whirlwind continued.

Why is there never enough time in California and endless amounts in Germany?

Coming back was/is hard this time. However, I have a plan and that plan includes, drumroll please… a job. Yes, this lady of leisure needs something to do and people to do it with. I know, I know. But let me just say, this leisure gig isn’t all its cracked up to be.

More on that later. I have to go hang up clothes and make lists.

Oh and in case you missed just how magical a time I had in SF, I ate everything I wanted, denied myself nothing, worked out halfheartedly and still lost fifteen pounds. See what I mean. Magic.


9 thoughts on “Side of the Road

  1. Jennifer, good to see that you did actually make it back. First, no the karaoke did not get deleted, I have it right here in my hot little hand, secondly, I am glad to see that you finally admit that I am a better shot than you, that is a big first step. Finally, sis I had a great time with you when I saw you. You know while you were not gallivanting in debauchery, I miss you already.

  2. Oh, and by the way Jennifer, I have a message from Steve, and I quote “Tell your sister I can ruin a relationship on my own I don’t need her to do it for me. Also tell her I don’t take to kindly to blackmail, threats, shit talking, or the Massana guilt trip.” I think we have a reputation.

  3. Show us your karaoke!!

    I am SO glad you’re back and you are looking FABULOUS.

    Yeah, it does make sense that you were free when you were “home”. I know that feeling well.

  4. Hey! Nice to hear you had such a fabulous time! Good luck with your plan. Sounds like a good one. Great photos – is that a wolf? (not Sparky) Cheers!

  5. Welcome back! I would love to be waxed, buffed, coiffed, manicured and pedicured, not to mention massaged and facialed (is that a word), and eat everything I want (I could kill for a real philly cheesesteak right now). Anyways, I’m so jealous, but happy that you had such a wonderful time!

    Is a girl blogger meet up still in the works?

  6. Aha! Here’s the job thing. Man, I need to get off the pics and read… but your beautiful eyes! Ordinary people don’t see this color often. I plead distraction. 🙂

  7. What a valid post. I enjoy reading the posts on this site and will be sure to return on a regular basis.

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