My Brother is a Better Man

My brother left a ton of clothing at my step-dad’s house. Jeff is skinnier and taller than Sparky, but because Sparky is more muscley and shorter, they end up about the same size. (Living with Markus may have skewed my idea of what a grown man looks like, but my brother reminds me of a grown up nine year old). Sparky ended up with a ton of new clothes that Jeff left behind

As I was packing up to leave, Jeff went back over all the great finds Sparky snagged. He started to get a little sad that the fantastic Kenneth Cole slacks were leaving, as were a few great sweaters. I explained that giving a German nice clothes was like feeding the hungry. It didn’t really hurt him and it was doing the world a great favor.

However, I am not as nice as Jeff.

I have a ton of clothing in American size 26/28 or 3X-4X. As I have lost two Kylies or one Hamish since last year, they don’t fit anymore. I have cashmere and 2 new pairs of jeans, a few sweaters and some blouses. Everything is in great condition.

So, as I don’t want to donate cashmere to a Kraut, if there is anyone who could use this stuff, let me know and I’ll send it along.


3 thoughts on “My Brother is a Better Man

  1. Hey Jen, That’s great that you have been able to lose a bit of weight! I have as well and over the past 4 months have given 7 HUGE garbage bags of clothing to a few Albanian friends here. My stuff would have been about size 20-22 and I should have shipped it all to you!! Hahahahaha! I love handmedowns and wish someone here would send me some clothes because I just can’t find anything in the shops 😦

  2. Where were you when I had no pants!! 😉

    I did some serious shopping in the US because I hate the clothes here in krautland. I’m now an 18-20. I’m only using half my alloted closet space and only one drawer. I’ve noticed Sparky eyeing my side of the closet.

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