Master of my Own Domestic Pain

‘Member when I said jet lag was over? Well Jet Lag reads my blog and decided it was too soon to be over him and kicked our asses with a vengeance. I’ve been getting up early and cleaning the house, I mean really cleaning from bathroom cupboards to closets to my desk area which is where everything ends up as its one of the few areas I can take off Sparky’s hand for getting too touchy feely with my stuff.

I’m doing every single brain dead chore I can think of in my stupor. The problem is Sparky. Jet Lag knows he’s the weak link. He loves to nap and has no self-discipline against the call of the freshly made snuggly bed. I can actually fall asleep around midnight. As I only usually need 6 hours, max, I’d be in pretty good shape by now. Sparky can’t. Even though he’s back at work, even though he’s had to be “on” since the day after we got back, come midnight, he’s wide awake and very talkative. Those damn naps. As soon as I pass that magic “I can sleep” window, I’m up until the wee hours.

Last night it was an improvement, only 4 am as opposed to 6 am. Then I was up to take The Talking Man to the train station at 8 am. That’s his superhero power. He foils the bad guys by talking them into a stupor in the middle of the night.

New Topic sans Seque

I need a waxing place. You know, hair removal via wax. I can’t find one and I want it. So if anyone knows of a place in any of the following cities, I’m there frequently enough to satisfy some of my masochistic needs: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, or Düsseldorf. Or any of the surrounding areas. Please. I’ve tried the home waxing thing and I’m here to tell you, not only does it not work; its more than my very high tolerance for pain can bear. I can do the front of my calves and that’s about it. To add insult to injury, I end up walking around for days sticking to things one does not want to stick to.

Also, if anyone knows of a place I can get a mani/pedi in these areas, I would offer lunch, a mani/pedi and a whole lot of girl talk in gratitude. I’m not talking about the medical kind for old ladies with icky feet. I’m talking about the nice footbath, foot rub and color application, perhaps a paraffin treatment. Something so I don’t become one of those old ladies needing a medical foot treatment.


I do not go into that dark night of hausfrau grooming gently.

Okay, as my brain is really refusing to work correctly, I’ll go back to cleaning out my laundry room.

P.S. I’m going to start organizing that Girls weekend. Please let me know if you’re interested. Chris-AEinD, I can count you in, right?

P.S.S. The kitty pic is by Anne Arkham. She doesn’t seem to be currently writing, but she’s really funny. Anne Arkham


9 thoughts on “Master of my Own Domestic Pain

  1. I didn’t follow the link above but if it’s an epilator I second the motion. Ive been using one for a while and they’re worth it. In my experience it hurts the first time you do it, then you begin building a tolerance for the times after. I don’t think anything of it now and I’m a total wimp.

    Of course this doesn’t solve the problem for the bikini area. I know, I tried. I’m still emotionally scarred from the experience.

  2. I know how you feel – jet lag is a nightmare. We try to force ourselves to stay awake all day until we are sleeping thru the night again. No naps! Do you and Sparky have the side effect of insatiable hunger? We do!

  3. Heather: Thanks for the suggestion. I used to love the epilady before I discovered waxing.

    Lisa: Yeah, so not using that in the bikini zone.

    Schoko Madchen: YES! I thought it was just me and sparky, but we can’t stuff our faces fast enough. Its a good thing I still haven’t gone grocery shopping because we are not working out like we should be either. Ever notice that working out and porking out are only different because of a letter?

    Carol: Sweet lady, when are you goign to just jump on that plane and come over and join us?? I already did the Bay Area girls week . I was the only girl and let me tell you, it was fabulous.

  4. can girls you don’t know yet be invited to girls weekend? What if they are relatively normal, harmless, trapped into the “lady of leisure” life, DYING for girl time, and only living slightly far away from Germany, as in Switzerland, wehre things are just slightly more clean, quiet and aarrrrrgh! 🙂

  5. Laura: You are a godsend. thank you so much! I’ll let you know how it works out… Well, I mean if i like them or not.

    Jessica: You are more than welcome if you don’t mind the train ride. I’ll give more details in a couple of days, but basically its gonna be here in Boweltown (I’ll e-mail you and lett you know where that is and you can stay one or two nights. There’s a hotel-ish place down the street where Claire stayed last year because her german was wary of her staying with strangers, if you don’t want to stay at my place. My place has teo inflatable beds, one long sofa and one short chaise plus a lot of hard floor. It also has two cats. so long story, short, of course you can come! You are more than welcome!

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