Brotherly Love

In my Inbox this morning from Jeffy. If we lived closer to each other, no doubt I would wake up one morning to 37 trees in my yard.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – When Carol Lopez let her Labrador retriever out for the
morning the dog had an unusual number of tree trunks to attend to.
Surrounding her aboveground backyard pool Lopez found 37 used Christmas

“I had just woke up and boom, they’re there and that’s it,” Lopez said

Whoever put the trees there apparently took their time, neatly organizing
and standing the trees upright.

Lopez said she called Allentown police, and an officer told her to call
the city to have the trees removed. A city employee told her husband to
drag the trees out of the backyard and they would be picked up free of
charge, she said.

Lopez said she didn’t know how someone climbed a tall wooden fence
surrounding the yard, or got all the trees over it.

“People just don’t have anything better to do,” Lopez said. “That’s
someone who had time on their hands.”
Copyright 2007 AP


2 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. The Girls Weekend sounds so cool…Just reading about it makes me miss my American girlfriends even more. I wish mein Verlobtes wasn’t so paranoid. I’d love to meet and hang out with you guys!

  2. oh, ya. You would have the rain forest in your back yard honey. I thought that was so funny, i was only mad I did not think of it first. I would do it to john, but first, I don’t think there is room with all the crap in the back yard and second, it would be there next christmas for you and I to clean up.

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