Girlie Weekend Date Decided

Its official.

March 16, 17, 18.

Let me know if you can make it. My e-mail is jen(at)heissescheisse(dot)com. If you need more details to decide, drop me a note.

Dixie, Dixie, Dixie: Next year we’ll work around your schedule. I want to do it before it gets to hot and buggy. I am a wilted flower of femininity when it gets hot and not very much fun.

Christina/Mausi: I’m counting you in. Sparky will be so happy.

Christina/AEinD: We are baby friendly and all you would have to do is sit your pregnant butt down and perhaps lift the glass to your lips. I’m sure James can put together a really long straw if that is too much work. We are nothing if not accomadating.

Heather – You are officially signed up. And we’ll have to do something for St. Patty’s.

Maria – You are close enough to come for the day if you’d like a little break from The Boy.

Amy and Kim – Book your tickets and come on over for the weekend.

Jul – Just do it. Its loads of fun.

ET – Perhaps you are free that weekend? I can make it worth your while.


15 thoughts on “Girlie Weekend Date Decided

  1. Ok, Jen Corleone, you’ve just made me an offer I can’t refuse… just replied to your email & I look forward to meeting everyone in march.

  2. I’m giving it some serious thought! ( I hope the Kim you meant was me- lol!) But where in Germany would I be booking my ticket to???

  3. Hey I thought the Kim was me;)

    well if kimmie is giving it serious thought..maybe I will too!

    let me check if those tickets are still $243…cause I may be coming:) how crazy and indulgent would that be?? am i being really eccentric??

  4. i’ll be there with bells on. if anyone needs a lift from the cologne/duesseldorf area, let me know.

  5. Howdy! I heard back from my mom and she thinks to wait until may to come. So can I still have a spot in the apt?

  6. I sent you an email in reply to your comment. I hope you got it. If not, my email is mariawj at gmail dot com


  7. I’ve been quiet, waiting to see what the unfolded in the calendar, and it looks like this weekend will clash with a conjugal visit. I’m curious as hell to see what it’s like with all these personalities in one room, but I hope ya’ll understand my reasons for not joining, yet again.

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