Blue Screen is Such an Ugly Color

My laptop is doing its death dance. I’ve been blue screened twice today. Tomorrow the computer guys are coming to the house to repair our WiFi and I hope to have the desktop up and running again. Until then, my e-mail (and everything else) is shot. If you have e-mailed me regarding girls weekend etc, I’m not ignoring you, I swear. Outlook crashes eerything right now. I blame Sparky, but then I blame Sparky for everything.

Hope to be back tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Blue Screen is Such an Ugly Color

  1. Hey Jen.. I blame Sparky too. Here’s hoping your WiFi gets repaired! BTW, my German and I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well if you can’t blame Sparky, who CAN you blame.

    But what’s with all the computer trouble lately? I say throw everything out and start over.

  3. **laughing @ Christina’s answer** It’s almost the same as what Peter says “If the hard drive’s full- get a new computer!”

    So… Jen (if you’re pc is alive) I tagged you for a meme so come and find out what it’s about!
    AND how coincidental– the word verification for me is TAGGN- and I’m taggn YOU!

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