Girlfriends and coffee, what else do you need?

Anyone who knows me knows I need coffee. When I was working, I needed it injected. Now that I’m not, a nice cup in the morning is all that’s required.

Anyone who knows me also knows I make a lousy cup of coffee. Just terrible. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I always manage to royally fuck it up. It’s so bad Sparky won’t even drink it. I’ve tried machines and filters. I’ve tried French presses and Italian make-it-on-the-stove thingies. Nothing works. My step-mom, in effort to figure this out, walked me through the process and sent me articles that blamed the bean. Let me tell you, it’s not the bean.

Anyone who knows Sparky knows how difficult it is to add anything to the pristine clutter-free loft, regardless of how useful or necessary. I begged for an espresso machine. Sparky approved only the ultra high end machines whose price would take me years to justify. I simply did not have that kind of time. The less expensive ones were just not in Sparky’s aesthetic. As a newly married couple, that still mattered to me thus I hung myself on the cross of the coffeeless.

That was until my very good friend von Tauber bought me one.

I admired hers for years. Literally, years. (It seems so strange that its years because we met a couple of months after I moved here and its still weird to think I’ve been here for years.)

So last year, for my birthday, von Tauber bought me my machine. This might have been because I kept inviting myself over to indulge in a cup of really, really good coffee or it could have been because she is the epitome of a girlfriend.

She tried to teach me to make coffee. When that failed, she was always there with a cup or two waiting when I’d visit. Mostly, she understood what its like to 1. Need something so bad and 2. Negotiate with a spouse. She was even witness to an espresso machine negotiation gone bad.

So like the sister she’s become, she bought it for me, ended the debate and every morning I say little thank you as I sip my fresh and delicious cuppa joe. And for that I am forever grateful. This cup’s for you, lady!

Now, go look at her new site. She just vamped it up and out and it’s awesome. And I wrote the guest perspective this week.


7 thoughts on “Girlfriends and coffee, what else do you need?

  1. I too suck at coffee-making but love coffee, thus the espresso machine is essential.
    And- you have a very cool blog!

  2. Jen, thank you. You’re awesome…and to think, all I needed to do was buy you an espresso machine! 🙂 I’ll leave the mushy stuff for when I see you…
    In the meantime I need your help. Read my blog, How important is sex? Opinions needed…I really need one…
    love, tat

  3. Coming from the UK, tea was always been more important. Since living here i have grown to appreciate good coffee more.

  4. now that’s a real friend for you! 🙂

    i just found you surfing around and wanted to say hey. after almost five years of a long-distance germany-america relationship my bf finally came back to germany three months ago. it’s great for me to read about how other americans may feel so far away from “home” so i’ll be back for sure. and you’re already linked, too 🙂

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