American Thighs

When in Rome, do as the Romans. So when in Fucking, do as the Fuckers?

Let me tell you, we did our best.


11 thoughts on “American Thighs

  1. You were lucky to even have a sign to pose with! I read somewhere it gets stolen quite a lot.

    If you do a google picture search under fucking you will find it with a “Bitte, nicht so schnell” sign hanging underneath.

    (Set porn filters on stun before you search, otherwise…)

  2. Ha! I just mentioned this to someone yesterday. My kids think it’s hilarious. I’m such a bad mom.

  3. Let me tell you, Fucking was fucking hard to find. And it was fucking cold and by the time we found it, it was fucking dark.

    Apparently they do not like tourists taking pictures of their signs and a local stopped to make sure we were only photographing the sign and not stealing it.

    We made a trip through Tittmoning too, by accident, looking for the elsive autobahn. But by that time, it was cold and dark and I really didn’t care. Tittmoning is not nearly as cool as Fucking.

    Oh and this is the first full bod shot since losing those Kylies.

    Ian: there was just this sign and a place that looked like a million people had pulled up to take a picture. And there were NO signs directing us. You had to drive through a forest and turn at the tailor’s sign. It was kinda like that town in Big Fish. I was really hoping they weren’t going to take our shoes and we could leave.

    Mausi: Not a bad mom,an awesome mom.

  4. So, this picture looks like there was a pervert behind the camera sittin below the bridge before strausburg.

  5. Signs??? If you missed all the signs on your way to Fucking, but you still got there, then you must be doing something right. Maybe it’s the skirt, but the boots don’t hurt.

  6. My goodness, girlie, if you lose anymore weight we’re not gonna be able to see you anymore! You look great!

  7. Maria: I think you Can get there by train. I think its the Circle J line.

    Anon/Mim: The pict was taken by a perv and it was a total hooker outfit. I actually ran into a group of nuns at a rest stop and felt very conspicuous. seriously, the days I look like a tramp, I always embarrass myself. But it was a long drive and you know…

    Mike B: You know, I’ve always thought I had the road to Fucking memorized. Turns out there are many, many routes, I do not know about yet.

    J: Thanks! It helps that the pict is blurry, but all in all, I’m feeling pretty good these days.

    Tinak: You would think that the people would be a little more relaxed, but no. I guess its all the pressure.

  8. We’re looking forward to Fucking in May. It’ll be my first time… I’m a little nervous.

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