What would happen to Jen…

if Sparky ever kicked the bucket.

Well, if blogger actually deigned to function there would be a picture of a woman with 91 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment in the Ukraine. If sparky kicks it, i think I’ll move to the Ukraine. I hear the Ukraine is strong.
91 Cats

In other news, we,(Sparky,I and brave mystery friend), leave for a mystery trip for five days. I can’t tell you where because its spy related and I don’t want to jeopordize my contacts.

P.S. I hate blogger and this new beta thing sucks ass. Wish me luck trying to put together wordpress. Maybe then I can publish a picture and have it stick. Damn blogger.


9 thoughts on “What would happen to Jen…

  1. have a good trip. and if you need any help with wordpress, let me know. i’ve been dealing with it for over a year now and still love it…

    PS: i’m not a creepy stalker. promise 🙂

  2. a little birdy told me about this trip. you guys have fun and be sure to corrupt as many of the locals as you can.

  3. I’ve done typepad and it was pretty good/easy. And its really easy to transfer your whole blog over. Which is part of the appeal.

    I think that woman’s apartment looks cozy.

  4. I’m getting used to New Blogger and am less dissatisfied now that it’s uploading photos.

    I don’t have the time to put WordPress together.

  5. Kim: I might take you up on that. Do you have an international word-press help brochure?

    Belinda: Ha ha. That birdie is going to be one very cold birdie. He doesn’t have the winter bulk Sparky and i have to protect us in the mild cold of the North. We might be bring home a Popsicle.

    Christina: See, this is why I could never be a spy. Everyone knows everything.

    Tink: Sorry, this is your new nickname. Yep and thanks. I bet you know where we’re going too.

    Jami: Should I worry that you think that place looks cozy? Do you have the time between volunteer hours and work to help with type pad?

    J: I can’t get the pictures to work via blogger, hence all the little blank squares in my posts. And I’ve tried an ftp thingie and its so not working. In April, I’m going to try to move this thing.

  6. Well no. I don’t have the energy to help you. But I’m hardly a computer genius and I navigated with no problem.

    You’re the ex-IT lady. Remember?

    And yes. It’s time to worry.

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