Finnish Vodka and Estonian Dreams

Here is the next post. Bullet point-ish because tomorrow is the beginning of the girlie weekend and I am running around preparing and cooking.

We went on a trip last week. Sparky and me and a mystery friend MF(er). Three planes and a ferry in five days. It was hard and fast, just the way I like it. It was fabulous. I have two new countries and have officially left my siblings in the dust, country count wise. However, the MF(er) kicks my ass without even trying.

We hit Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. The MF(er) coined the term “Jen Blockers” for earphones. I think my brother can relate. Hell, anyone in the same room with me for longer than 10 minutes can relate.

Stockholm: Gorgeous, friendly, they have Cat Walk Shampoo and I almost knocked over a 400 year old ship when taking a picture.

Helsinki: Colder than a witch’s tit. Great ambience for a really cold spy city. I hear the Finnish all carry knives. Saunas are my new best friend. And give me reindeer carpaccio, liver pate and a vodka cranberry ANY day.

Tallinn: Tallinn was my favorite. This requires another post. It was super fast but so full. We met the most beautiful people. Tina – intelligent, mysterious; the kind of lady that keeps you wanting to know more. I think we all left with a little crush. Her guy was fascinating, animated and hysterical. I haven’t had such a good time in years. And let me tell you, they must have some VERY good bras in Estonia. That’s were I’m going next time I need one. Sparky was more impressed with the legs. And the rum. Oh my, the rum. MF(er) and I were still “Happy” boarding the plane the next morning. He was less happy. It was more of a Britney Spears except he was wearing panties. Oh and the snow! It snowed a really great snow. I had to go to Estonia to get snow this year. See how great our hosts were?

We got back Sunday morning and it took me until Tuesday morning to recover. I’m getting old as MF(er) kept telling me. However old I am, I got to recover in bed, while he had to recover at work. Ha.

So enough for now. Girls, can’t wait to see you. Those who couldn’t make it, we’ll do another next year or before if someone else wants to host. I’m so not Martha and haven’t figured out how to pull things together drunk. And I need the chef juice.


7 thoughts on “Finnish Vodka and Estonian Dreams

  1. now I’m picturing that MFer (hahaha) with a blonde wig and panties.

    I’m so glad you had a good time though! Can’t wait to hear more of yours and Sparky’s adventures.

  2. man, your life sounds great!
    have a good weekend. i’m having a friend (who i’ve never met in person before) over from chicago as well this weekend so it’ll be US:2 vs. germany:1 but that’s okay 🙂 cheers!

  3. Sounds like a great trip! I do agree with you that Tallinn is my fav of those countries.

    LOL @ Jen Blockers! MF(er) is quite the wit.

  4. Have a kick ass weekend Girls! Wish I could be there but it’s G’s birthday and I’m having a surprise party for him tonight:+) I can’t wait to see his face!

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