Too Much Stuff to Do When All You Want is a Nap

Remember when I said I was going to have a bit of a rest? I lied. This week all the repairs to our newly constructed house have started and insomnia has come to visit. I’m tired and cranky. Sparky is in Hamburg for the rest of the week and truthfully, this does not bother me. I’m dying for the alone time.

Water damage from above and faulty door frames have resulted in massive bathroom work. Its officially out of commission until possibly Friday, more likely Tuesday.

After the TV was purchased, Sparky needed the hateful cords hidden in the wall. Only after our guy cut open a four inch channel 2 feet long, did our architect come over pissed. Something about a weight bearing wall. I’m sure its not that important. Not nearly as important as hiding offensive cords, right? I have never seen that man so angry before and it really is keeping me up nights. We had no idea that it would be a problem because the same wall, different room has the same size channel cut for the same type cords for the same purpose. Did I mention he’s also our neighbor?

Then the TV cabinet broke and needed to be repaired as did a kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinets need to be fixed by the kitchen people and the TV cabinet by the TV cabinet people who are also the new door frame people. The bedroom curtains are ready, but as they are red silk, they have to wait until all the sanding and painting is completed.

Throw in an impromptu drive to Munich and you have a pretty full week. Next person to tell me that I don’t do anything all day is going to be kicked in the baby maker.

People I’ve seen this week, thus far:

Dry wall builder – to cut and paste dry wall into various spots
Painters – 8 am everyday this week
Electrician 1 – brain dead knuckle head
Electrician 2 – way hot, too bad I’m not a bored housewife, oh wait…
Carpenters – second set of awesome craftsmen who actually listen to Sparky when he
complains of small scratches in the TV furniture. If you’ve ever been to our house, you will know what I’m talking about and I am truly sorry.
Brazilian waxer – I think I might be a masochist, but I’m not real sure. What do you think, Ace1?
Kitchen Installation Guys – one little cabinet thingie and all hell breaks loose.
Interior Designer – They have really cute stuff even by American standards.

Good thing I haven’t had a chance to put away the air mattress because, sweetheart, that’s where I’m sleeping. The one that leaks no less. I guess I’m the knuckle head.

Pictures below. I’m leaving out the waxing one for all our sakes. However, I can say that the wax place in Munich employs supermodel type waxers and its rather intimidating.


6 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff to Do When All You Want is a Nap

  1. woah, sounds like a (not so much) fun week for you. the waxing? ouch. never had that done, always wanted to. is it really that bad? also, the pictures don’t show again. i think it’s time for wordpress, don’t you? i mean, now that you got some time on your hands 😀 j/k 🙂 hang in there!

  2. I don’t think its that bad actually, which is why i think i might have masochistic tendencies.

    And Kim, I’m typing this in WordPress.

  3. Megan: Yes, I did! On paper, it sounds oh so nice to have to drive to Munich to get a wax, but in reality its because i can’t find a place near where i live so i have to wait until Sparky has an appointment and tag along. I spent the day on LeopoldStrasse and mostly in the News Cafe. Is that where you go? Vera was my lady and she was really, really nice. Not a supermodel, thank god.

  4. Now throw in 3 kids to that mix, and you have my laid back life! ha, the best is the workers that show up @ 6a.m.,and no habla enlish!

  5. Em, I live in Germany. No habla inglés is a fact of life. As I’ve said before, I’m the mexican here.

    oh and birth control is free here. 🙂

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