Early Morning Compliments

…from Sparky.

“Your hair looks so red in this light. It looks delicious. And you look so much better than Fergie. And you don’t look fat at all. “


7 thoughts on “Early Morning Compliments

  1. These are the moments where I chant to myself,”ESL, ESL, ESL.” ESL and German, it puts ’em right above retarded sometimes when it comes to things like compliments and suave come-ons.

    Schwanz makes up for it though eh?

  2. Uhm, wasn’t that a nice compliment?
    I mean men love red heads, Fergie and women who don’t look fat at all, so where is the problem?

  3. I always tell G.: please, do not be specific with compliments. Because otherwise he goes:”Your hair looks nice. Way better than yesterday, when it looked like it hadn`t been washed or combed for a month.” These buggers just have to be taught how to stop.

  4. Megan: I KNOW! I make jokes about how he’s training for when i have a retarded child. Its a good thing he has that schwanz, because otherwise… To the moon, Alice. To the moon.

    Volker: No. PLease see Tink’s comment.

    Maria: Uh not this time. He was sitting across from me in the red room. He was on his computer and we were talking. It was out of the blue and i know he meant well, but I had a complex all day that i looked like a fat fergie with Ronald MacDonald red hair. I hadn’t woken up with those insecurities.

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