Kegels. Separate from the herd.

My GBF once said that The Kegels were a Texas-based family with close connections to The Neiman and Marcus families. They’re not.

dsc05006.jpgWhen I saw this sign, I thought Germans were very liberal indeed if not a little whacked. I mean really, Kegels are not like yoga. You don’t really need that much instruction, right? And really, isn’t it kind of gross to have an underground cellar full of women all sitting around doing Kegels and loving their vaginas? And its not like you need that much concentration. You can do other stuff while doing your Kegels, like knitting or watching TV or writing a blog post about Kegels.

It was only after a lengthy discussion, in which I would not allow Sparky to comment until I was done ranting, did I find out that a KegelKeller, was not a underground room of hairy, hippie, La Leche ladies doing vaginal exercises, but rather a bowling alley.

And you know what? I was disappointed.


6 thoughts on “Kegels. Separate from the herd.

  1. Believe it or not, I once hired a profi-Kegel lady to help me with my Kegels. After intensive internet research so I wouldn’t look like a noob, I totally alienated the chick by going in the very first day and asking when I’d get to use the vagina weights. The thought of being able to crush a boiled egg with my girl parts was so tempting, not to mention being able to impress Michael with new and inventive ways to make egg salad, etc.

  2. HA! I almost choked on my breakfast chocolate chip-malt cookies reading that. And then chocolate chip cookie pieces fell out of my mouth when I mumbled “holy sh*t” upon seeing my almost non-existent blog listed here. Whee! What fun.

  3. “…a underground room of hairy, hippie, La Leche ladies doing vaginal exercises.”

    You may be able to find such a thing at the next gathering of the Green Party.

  4. our new Pilates instructor @ the Berkeley Y (Jana Jandra if you must know) repeatedly mentions the Kegels, but she pronounces it like key-gulls (& in my mind it’s more like kay-galls, you know, the whole Czech thing).

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