Things My Sainted Mother Said

Today is my mother’s birthday. When I lived in SF, I’d have a party or go out to drinks with my friends and we’d toast every drink to Kate.

Today is no different. If you are so inclined, give a toast to an incredibly humorous, intelligent, crazy/passionate lady whose children never got the chance to explore her depths.

And in that vein, today marks the first “Things My Sainted Mother Said” post. Bits of wisdom she has shared with me pre- and posthumously. Most were said in person, some have been channeled. So, here we go:

1. Two things you shouldn’t fuck up. One is your credit and the other is your kids.

2. Before you file for divorce, buy that new sofa.

3. Guilt is a useless emotion. Let it go and move on.

So, here’s to you, Kate. You did a good job with your kids and we love you like mad.




6 thoughts on “Things My Sainted Mother Said

  1. Aw Jen… I remembered my mom on Wednesday, the three year anniversary of her death.

    Our favorite “Mom line” is “it’s a very beautiful thing” (referring to sex. She didn’t talk specifics much, but always prefaced any sex discussion with “it’s a very beautiful thing”!


  2. Ha! I love mom quote number one. I don’t know about her credit but she got the second part right.

  3. You forgot “You never really know someone until you divorce them.” A personal favorite of mine.

  4. (Also) Here’s to you Kate ….. We ALL miss you……

    BTW “Sainted” … were did I hear that before????

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