Sun is a good thing

Great weekend, huh.

Sun is good for the soul. I can honestly say, when the sun is shining and its not too hot and it cools down at night, I actually like Germany. Especially with this new green of the trees and everything in bloom. Love it.

I wish I had some smell-o-vision on this here site because there is not even a hint of horse shit in the air. Its all sweet blossoms and grass and jasmine.

Speedy is due to be delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait to take him outside in the sun with a cup of coffee and some head phones. Speedy even has a new friend. I’ll introduce him tomorrow.

Until then, I’m stuck indoors, like the rest of you with real jobs, finishing this project.

Enjoy your day.


4 thoughts on “Sun is a good thing

  1. Wow, is that your garden, Jen? I´m jealous again. Nothing is fucking blooming here, but it fucking will in a month or so.

  2. Isn’t it great? Smell-o-vision indeed. I took a look at the sun on Saturday, put on my shorts and sandals and was in love with everyone and everything that crossed my path. Today it’s cloudy and I’m back to my bitchy self but it was great while it lasted.

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