Speedy is blue and so am I

Picked up my new laptop yesterday along with all the periphrials. I was too tired to put him together last night because you know, when you get new stuff you really just want to play around and get it all funked out the way you like it.

I also have this project due and i am I currently stealing time on Sparky’s machine with no access to the files, I need this machine.

So I got up at 5 am. Made my cup of joe and to celebrate, added my last packet of Swiss Miss sugar free hot chocolate. I made sure I was dressed, hair combed, yesterday’s make-up removed. I wanted to look good to introduce myself and Habib* to Speedy.

I had my list of software I needed to install to make him workable. I had all the drivers and discs prepared. I can’t wait to start using my Photoshop CS which I’ve been waiting to install on this new machine. And even though Microsoft is an evil empire, I was looking forward to my new 2007 Office suite.

I prepared my desk, including a thorough cleaning and dusting. I Endusted the whole place until the sweet smell of orange wafted through the room. Once everything was prepared, I pulled him out.

I read all the intiall instructions last night so I’d know how to properly turn him on, make recovery discs etc…

I pushed the “Power” button and waited. The first screen welcomed me and asked that I wait while it prepared the files as it was the first power-on. I live in Germany, I’ve learned how to wait.

And I waited, excited and delighted, anticipation gathering at all the stuff I could finally do again.

And… And…

It blue screened.

I just turned it on. Nothing else. Hit power and waited.

At 9am, I headed back down to the adoption agency. They seemed to think it was a badly installed OS. Really? No shit, huh.

They’ll take a look, recover the bad OS and call me back. I’m not real familiar with recovering bad OSs, but perhaps that’s not the best idea. I want a whole new machine because contrary to my anthropomorphic tendencies, I don’t think I should adopt a computer that is fucked up from the initial power on. I’ve heard about the Ghost in the Machine and this ghost is blue and I want nothing to do with him. In this case, the nature will always undermine the nurture.
However, this is Germany. Once you take that puppy out of the store, they’re going to replace everything piecemeal until the whole thing is replaced and about 26 days are wasted.

Better life through technology, right?


*I’ll introduce Habib tomorrow. He has a story.


7 thoughts on “Speedy is blue and so am I

  1. afaik you should be able to take an item back within 14 days and they should replace it no questions asked. i know that works at media markt, saturn markt, and most other markts i’ve dealt with. doesn’t apply to software disks, cds and dvds of course.

  2. Hi Ian,

    that 14-day service is completely voluntary. Our shop would probably do it, but htey had Speedy ordered from the UK, to ensure he has an English Windows and an English keyboard. So they weill NOT do it…

  3. And that’s why I work with German Windows and keyboard and just change the language in Windows for the keyboard. Works fine for me because I type by touch. Anyway, I won’t mess with special order stuff for just this reason. It does nothing but cause a pain in the ass.

    I’m sorry that Speedy’s ailing already. Hope it’s all fixed soon.

  4. Fuck. That`s a shitty start. I had the same thing happen to me with my current laptop. But it worked out fine, still up and running.

  5. Sorry to hear that! I know how much you were looking forward to Speedy. Think of it as a tough love thing.

  6. I can’t believe that. They actually ordered your machine from the UK instead of sticking an English-language OS on one they already had? That sounds weird. Seems to me shipping OS discs would have been a lot cheaper and faster. Their excuse is completely lame and I hope you don’t burn your bridges by losing your cool. Keep after them. You paid a lot of money, didn’t you?

  7. What a crap way to start off with a new laptop. I hope there aren’t too many more hiccups on the way to being fully laptopped again. As for second guessing how you went about getting the thing: One can examine and question whether it would have been better to ship disks or stick with a German keyboard, but either way it could have still gone in the toilet. Simply sucky. Hope your luck improves.

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